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Feng Shui - Water Source water needs to be treated with respect

 Feng Shui - Water Source water needs to be treated with respect

In ancient china, Feng shui was not an esoteric discipline practiced only by certain tribal members it was an integral part of native culture, something that touched everyone's life. The development of Chinese culture is reflected in Feng Shui. Throughout the development of the human civilization, new philosophies were combined with life space placement, beginning with astrology, astronomy and mathematics, which supplied intricate charts and designs to help farmers and even peasants build palaces, public buildings and Residences.

Feng Shui with its strong links with principles of Taoism is not just a powerful aid in improving and achieving various aspirations in our life but transforms the energy of our place of dwelling. Before Taoism was founded in ancient China, there were shamans who lived in harmony with their natural environment. These shamans often dwelled in mountain hideaways and served local communities by interpreting the omens, predicting weather cycles and were spiritual links between the local population and the invisible mystic world.

Taoism is attributed to a philosopher named Lao Tzu during the Chou Dynasty around 580 Be. After many years of study he became enlightened and traveled far and wide in China. His Insights and thoughts were so practical and when he documented it , it came to be known as Tao Te Ching. This book on Philosophy a manual of self- transformation and meditation written about the "Tao" (the way) got to be known as TAOSIN.if there is one Taoist belief most strongly associated with fengshui, it is this: - nature is the ultimate power and humans, as part of nature, benefit by following the natural laws. With the increase in popularity of Fengshui, the belief that placing enhancers and Gadgets as found in many Fengshui books and stores around the world is the real solution - to aligning and correcting a space has become fashionable. Many have attempted Fengshui as a past time or hobby. This is alright to the extent that some basics would be followed and the space cleared and opened out to receive the positive energy but certainly not a tool to experiment with. We need to remember that Authentic fengshui calls for a detailed analysis of the space and its afflictions and the symbols and Gadgets are part of the enhancing process of the corrective measures and the Gadgets or symbol do not become the complete remedy to a defect in the building. The Eastern Countries where Feng Shui is strictly being followed have immense respect for the Feng Shui masters Knoweldge and audit of the premises. The Fengshui Masters known as Geomancers (those who are able to understand the earth's Energy field and balance it) are valued for the skill of their "eyes" which locates the defect and affliction during an audit. Each house is unique and the layouts and orientations of the furniture and the people living in it are different and it is akin to the finger print of an individual for which a copy or replica does not exist so when fengshui is adapted for corrections, it becomes very specific ..

When we speak about orientations and directions a proper judgement and understanding of the advanced Compass school is quite essential in order that errors are not committed in identification and placement.

A tricky situation is positioning Water either in the form of a pond, fountain or even swimming pools. In Feng Shui, water signifies wealth and plays a major role in Fengshui recommendations. One needs to be cautious as excess water or large water is a source of potential danger and I-ching (the book of changes originating from Taoism) says that "water needs to be treated with respect". Water features are good (on the basis of general recommendation) when placed in North or East. If it is a waterfall ensure that the flow of water is towards the home or door or atleast a window and not flowing out of the house.

Water Ponds are very good in North and if they contain Water lily or Lotus it is considered more auspicious. There are many homes with swimming pools and one should remember that although water or swimming pool at the back of the house is not very good, it is exempted if the family spends more time there as this  transforms it into Yang (positive) energy due to the activity of the people. However if the swimming pools at the backyard is with water and very quiet, it is very bad due to the build up of Yin (negative) energy.
Remember that water brings in good wealth luck but could also have extreme negative effects and imbalances if placed in the wrong direction or if they are too big and overpowering. I personally do not recommend large swimming pools in a home as they are overpowering to the home and store excessive amount of water.
Anything in excess does have its negative implications and we need to keep in mind that Feng shui is all about creating the Right Balance that is balancing the YIN and the YANG and restore equilibrium in our place of dwelling. Exercising caution and a proper judgement are the finaanswers prior to implementation of any changes.
More on the theory and practicalities of Fengshui would be given to you in the corning weeks bumeanwhile please do ensure that your house is Free of clutter.

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