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Ugly moisture patches are common in homes during the monsoons. The moisture patches which appear on ceilings and walls are caused by water leaks. To prevent such patches and moulds the following steps must be taken:

· Leaks must be immediately attended to. If they are left unattended, it will lead to the growth of moulds.

· Moisture-proofing should be done on the roof.

· If the moisture patch dries within 24-48 hours, moulds are unlikely to grow.

· Air conditioning drip pans should be clean and the drains should have no obstructions.

· If indoor humidity is low, condensation is not likely to occur. While cooking, exhaust fans should be used. In bathrooms exhaust fans should be operated after use. Appliances like dryers which produce moisture should be placed in areas with good ventilation.

· The cracks and holes in walls should be patched up immediately.

· Weatherstripping around doors and windows have to be checked, and window seals must be tight to ensure that moisture does not enter.

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In most of the houses, a plentifully available household item will be picture frames. Many of them would be heirlooms or gifts received during functions and parties. And whichever is bought, after some period lose their novelty or utility. So these empty picture frames remain heaped up in the attic.

With some creative ideas these could be reused intelligently. They also could be used for purposes other than for which they were intended. Such frames not only freshens up a room, but also breathes fresh air of innovativeness into the frames themselves.

Here are some tips with novel ideas:

- The glass can be changed in any frame with a mirror. A grouping of shapes and sizes on a wall can be striking and bounces light around.

- Turn a large, sturdy frame into a tray for an ottoman. A collage of photographs or postcards might be displayed behind the glass or let the fabric of the ottoman show through.

- Decorative cupboard handles could be bought from shops and attached to the sides of a frame creating an accent piece and an organizer on a dressing table or light stand.

- Adding handles also can turn a frame into a serving tray. Silver frames work especially well for this.

- The frames could become the artwork, by taking out the glass and backing and let painted or papered wall show through.

- A grouping of frames could be placed over a bed in place of a standard headboard.

Frames could be hung at odd angles, turning a square into a diamond, with or without art inside.

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Several problems associated with urbanization such as over crowding, contaminated water, air pollution, poor sanitation and other such issues that concern the environment have now come to surface. The three issues of solid waste management, e-waste management and tree cover remain neglected as the years go by.

Bangalore is one of the leading e-waste generator States in India. According to environmentalists more than 1,000 different toxic substances are present in e-wastes that are injurious to the environment and to people. There are harmful heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium, nickel and copper in this e-waste. A large number of these metals are cancer-producing and may have an effect on the human nervous system. The very fact that no regulations exist and neither does any scientific system of disposal of e-waste is frightening.

Civic authorities in Bangalore have estimated that almost 2,500 tonnes of solid waste is produced every day besides industrial waste in the city. Environmentalists say that it could be even 3,500 tonnes. According to an environmentalist increasing commercialization has led to every purchased object being packed in packaging material and about 60-70% of this turns into solid waste. Municipal waste consists of a large component of packing materials, paper, plastic, cloth, metal, glass and organic matter from households, commercial setups and markets. Hospitals too generate waste which needs to be attended to.

Only 20-25 per cent of the solid waste produced gets to be recycled. The environmentalists say that the Municipal Solid Waste (Management and Handling) Rules 2000 are not enforced or implemented in its totality and the work of segregating solid waste is handled in an unorganized manner. Those who have a stake in this have not been trained or built in their capacity.

Not only has this, with the growth of the city cutting of trees for the purpose of road widening, construction of new buildings etc become rampant. Around 40,000 trees are estimated to be cut in future to widen 95 roads which amount to 400 km in length.

Policy makers, environmentalists, institutes, organizations and the public are confronted with these challenges and an ever lasting solution may emerge soon.

Flooring Trends

No matter which flooring you choose, it should be serviceable for your lifestyle, and if you are building a new house or renovating an older one, your choices in floor coverings are endless. Floors set the tone of the room - the look and feel of a room - but beyond appearance, the ultimate decision on which flooring material will be used should be based on how a room is used. For example, a room in which there is heavy foot traffic needs a hard wearing floor where as a bedroom floor needs to be soft and cozy on the feet. Once again, hard surfaces – hardwood floors, tiles and laminate are dominating the home décor flooring options, and in contrast, the carpeting trends continue to move toward softer, textured and more luxurious looks. Area rugs not only add warm and comfort to a room, but rugs are the definitely leading the way as the hottest decorating feature again. It is easy for the average homeowner to make environmentally friendly choices when it comes to home flooring products.

Laminate Flooring 
 Originally from Europe, laminate floors have taken over the floor covering market with the practical benefits of being durable, hard wearing, and beautiful. Laminates are replicating stone, and granite for endless decorating possibilities.

Hardwood Floors 
Todays hardwood floors are adding old world elegance with a new twist, moving more toward distressed planks, planks in wider widths, and the introduction of exotic wood is becoming increasingly popular.

Fiber Floor is easy to install and no gluing required.

Vinyl Flooring – Offering the look of stone, ceramic tiles and hardwood – sheet vinyl and vinyl tiles are a natural solution for to days homeowner looking for quality and design.

Linolium – The original environmentally friendly floor covering, linoleum is available in a wide selection of colors and patterns, suitable for any decorating solution.

Ceramic Floor Tile – Ceramic floor tiles offer timeless beauty and durability.

Cork Flooring –Comfortable to walk on, incredibly warm underfoot, discover the beauty of cork floors.

Bamboo Floors –An environmentally friendly hardwood, bamboo is fast becoming one of the most popular flooring trends.

Carpet –The most practical home flooring, carpet brings color and warmth into every room. Endless patterns, colors and textures still make carpet the number one selling floor covering today.
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Innovation seems to be leading the way when it comes to usage of construction material. New materials and methods are changing the way we perceive the industry. There are already such innovative materials in use.

Manufactured Sand

Aggregates used in making concrete are either naturally occurring or produced from stone crushers. As natural sources are fast depleting, there is a need to produce aggregates of high quality to make concrete which is durable in all conditions.

Conventional stone crushers tend to produce flaky and elongated aggregates. These are mostly two-stage and three-stage crushing plants. Conventional crushers cannot produce crushed stone of required near cubical shape. The solution can be found in a Vertical Shaft Impact (VSI) crusher as it produces cubical crushed stones, ideal for self-compacting concrete. The greatest use of this crusher is its ability to produce manufactured sand.

Self-compacting Concrete

Self compacting concrete (SCC) is an advanced type of concrete that can flow through intricate geometrical configurations under its own mass without vibration or segregation. It is made with the same materials which are used for making normal concrete except for high powder content (fly ash or slag along with cement) and use of hyper plasticisers for making flowing concrete. It has proved beneficial economically because of following reasons :

› Faster construction

› Elimination of compaction

› Reduction in site power

› Better surface finishes

› Easier placing

› Improved durability

› Greater freedom in design

› Thinner and complicated section

› Improved working environment at a construction site by reducing noise pollution.

Curing Compound

Proper curing is essential in producing acceptable concrete performance. This affects both mechanical properties and durability characteristics, and reduces volume changes due to shrinkage. A truly effective curing approach requires two components : Prevents loss of moisture through evaporation. Supplies additional water for continued hydration. Excessive evaporation from concrete surface must be avoided. This is done by using curing compounds. There are two types of curing compounds viz., wax based and resin based. Liquid membrane-forming compounds are suitable for application to concrete surfaces to reduce the loss of water during the early hardening period.

White-pigmented membrane-forming compounds serve the additional purpose of reducing the temperature rise in concrete exposed to radiation from the sun. curing compounds are used extensively in large areas such as concrete pavements, canal lining etc.

The future of Concrete

You might think hat concrete is a boring material. Not at all. You can now find concrete that bends like metal and which is five times as strong as regular concrete without any reinforcing steel bars. Or you can use concrete which doesn't need a vibration machine to remove the air bubbles inside, which can save loss of time during construction.

There are also translucent concrete or concrete incorporating transparent elements, allowing to build floors lit from below. And by adding titanium dioxide to cement, you obtain a self-cleaning concrete that remains the same colour for centuries and can even clean the air by breaking down dangerous pollutants.

Ultra High-performance Concrete

Ultra-high performance, fibre reinforced concrete (UHPFRC) is a revolutionary material that offers superior strength, durability, ductility and aesthetic design flexibility. It is significantly stronger than conventional concrete. Available in a range of colours, it is extremely moldable and replicates form materials with great precision. By utilizing Ductal's combination of superior properties, designers can create thinner sections and longer spans that are lighter, more graceful and innovative in geometry and form, while providing improved durability and impermeability against corrosion, abrasion and impact.

Nano technology

Studying the nanostructure of concrete could help reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions during its manufacture, according to work by engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Around 2.35 billion tons of concrete are produced each year and producing cement, the main component of concrete, accounts for five-ten per cent of the world's total CO2 emissions – an important contribution to global warming.

Franz-Josef Ulm and Georgios Constantinides of MIT have found that concrete is strong, thanks to the way in which the nanoparticles are organised.

“If everything depends on the organizational structure of the nanoparticles that make up concrete, rather than on the material itself, we can conceivably replace it with a material that has concrete's other characteristics – strength, durability, mass availability and low cost – but does not release as much CO2 into the atmosphere during manufacture,” explains Ulm.

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A collection of Books is a treasure trove for the entire family. The children grow with them.  Elders find enlightening moments whenever they browse through its pages. Taking care of them is as important as using them.

Whatever may be the advancements in the field of informationtechnology, where enormous information is crammed into CDs and multimedia packs, books retain their own slot in the dissemination of knowledge.  Reading habits are to be inculcated among children.  Most of the people, thoughthey may not be in the habit of regular reading, always make it a habit to buy books, whenever the chance arises. Arranging them in order is very important. In order to make the books more accessible, they might be displayed prominently in the living room or family room. This not only encourages active reading habit amongst the members of the household, but also adds an interesting dimension to the usual decorative knick-knacks.

For the bibliophiles and serious collectors, library editions, rare books and author signed copies are some of the books that are good for putting on display. On the other hand, a wide range of subjects such as fine arts, photography, interiors, travel, history, philosophy, biographies and many more branches of knowledge form an eclectic collection, that proclaimsthe good taste and varied interests of the collector. Adding a few visually appealing books such as,  coffee-table books with their decorative jackets and colourful plates will add to the variety.

Open shelves, end tables, and cabinet tops can be used to display books. Coordinated book sets such as reference books, encyclopedias, atlas, etc., are more suitable for open shelves while books with decorative jackets are apt for end tables. Decorating interiors with books is gaining a lotof popularity and some websites and book stores even offer books in greatnumbers.

If the collection of books are more for a display an exclusive bookshelf to hold them will be the best alternative. One could invest in a bookcase made of wood or metal that has a glass front, which protects the books from dust while at the same time allows the books to be viewed from outside. Instead of arranging all the books vertically and stacking themagainst one another, the books could be spaced out and arranged in differentstyles to break the monotony. To get a more attractive display, different arrangements on each shelf could be made. One could also use picture frames, curios and other collectibles to make the exhibit more striking.

A couple of books on accent tables, in attractive baskets on end tables, placed vertically on a shelf at the entrance, all add interest and warmth to the decor, but it should always be better to ensure the look remains uncluttered. Some bookmarks should be kept handy in an attractive ceramic bowlor tray and then the look is complete. Arranging books and family photographs to fill any empty corner will also create an interesting look.

Bookends are a useful accessory which could further add interest to book arrangements. Bookends should always be selected in proportionto the size of the books that they support. Ornate or carved, animal figurines such as horse. elephant, odd shapes, book ends in wood, iron, marble, stone, bronze or brass all add up to the visual appeal to the décor.   

Safeguarding  the  Books

After having acquired such valuable collection of books, spending precious energy, time and money, it is important to take utmost care of the collection of books.  It isadvisable to store books in a constant temperature environment, preferably 20to 24 degrees Celsius. High humidity can cause moulds to grow and damage the books, while low humidity can affect the glue in the book bindings. A relative humidity of 45-55 percent is considered to be ideal. Exposure to too much light and dust should also be avoided.

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At every conference, every seminar, every meeting, eminent speakers from the Real Estate Industry and Housing Finance Industry have been speaking about the affordable housing. It is a known fact that the demand for residential housing is ever increasing, particularly in the higher and lower income groups. Housing for the poor classes is always an issue, which remains unsolved, since no one is interested in taking up the housing projects for these people. Apart from the affluent class, middle class (higher as well as lower) and poor class, there is one class that is people below poverty line (BPL) which, it seems, has never been addressed. The demand for houses for middle and poor class is said to be quite high, but the property developers seem to be not very much interested in taking up any projects as the profit margin will be comparatively low.

Affordability is a relative term. It varies from people to people, even person to person. There are people who can afford to have house flat costing Rs.75crore and there are people who cannot purchase a house/flat even costing Rs.5lakh without raising a loan. They cannot pay even the interest on such loans. Now-a-days the loan facilities are available easily and people do try to have their own houses flats by raising loans. Of course, people in the urban areas, particularly in major cities and Metros, put themselves in 'search' mode and try to purchase a dwelling accommodation affordable for them. 

The property developers organize, through their associations, periodically exhibitions, property Melas etc. in the major cities for promoting their properties. To attract the NRIs, exhibitions and melas are organized by the property developers in other countries, especially in the middle east.

As we are talking about affordability, who can afford is a matter that is perhaps decided by the financial institutions who come forward to offer loans. The affordability is determined on the basis of monthly income of the person, the job security of the applicant, collateral securities available, number of years the applicant will be in service before retirement, etc. Accordingly, the financial institutions work out the amount that the applicant can afford to pay monthly and the period for repayment of loan and interest hereon.

The developers take up the housing projects in various parts of the city. The projects are generally designed to suit various classes of people. The higher class people have no problem of affordability. umber of developed flats/houses/sites will be available in the property market at the prices which may suit them. In most of the cases of this category, the affordability is not a problem at all as they can buy the property outright or through the financial institutions as they can raise loans without any problem. They buy the property which they can afford easily without any fuss about the EMIs. 

Property developers are also more interested in this class of buyers as the deals are finalized quickly. The affordable housing about which we are talking, is applicable to the lower middle class and poor people as they are the main buyers. These people will be planning to purchase houses,flats with the help of financial assistance from the banks and other financial institutions. In view of the high cost of construction, the minimum cost of flats, as we see from the offers made by the developers through the media, is above 15- 20 lakhs. This minimum cost is affordable only by the middle class people. Then what about the poor class, who cannot afford to pay 15 lakhs? Will buying the house by such class of people could remain to be only a dream?

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Plants when grown and kept in apt ambience, create a scene of fullness and prosperity. If placed in proper receptacles they look splendid. Changing the monotony and dullness in the place is the essential aspect, and when looked after carefully they become the constant and silent companions of the dwellers at home.

Either at indoors or outdoors, plants always remain a source of charm, beauty, freshness and vitality. The entire environment looks more inviting and the dreary and boring scenario gets changed into a lovely and lively ambience.

At the same time plants also need to be given a facelift by putting them in the right kind of pots and displaying them in such a way which enhances their beauty. They thus transform plain and empty open spaces into a green paradise and add character to the surroundings.

While selecting the pots attention should be concentrated regarding the present and final size of the plants' growth and also the place where the plants are going to be displayed. One could well imagine putting a plain, simple plastic or clay pot amidst richly decorated interiors.

There is no deficiency in the varieties and designs of pots to choose from – clay, terracotta, ceramic, plastic or brass are a few among them. The best and healthiest medium to grow plants is in the clay pots. The reason is that the soil in them gets the right amount of fresh air and water as the superfluous water and air are removed through the pores. Normally most of the clay pots have a hole at the base through which the excess water gets drained out automatically. As far as maintenance is concerned they hardly need any, but the one weak point is that they are breakable. If they are to be placed outside, it would be better to paint them in bright colours with a few geometric designs. If they are to be kept indoors, a few mirrors or other suitable decorative items could be stuck on the painted pots. The terracotta pots are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and they certainly add an enchanting earthly feel to the nearby surroundings.

There are no problems in using plastic pots. They are trouble free, unbreakable and are also lighter in weight than the clay pots.

If brass pots are taken for consideration, they are excellent and spell class. But their prices are very high. Their beautiful gold colour stands out in almost any kind of décor with a distinct air of aristocracy. They need some maintenance and should be cleaned and polished regularly.

The better idea would be placing the clay or plastic pot inside a brass pot. When the plant needs watering or sunshine, the brass pot need not be shifted and it is the one inside that is taken out.

The ceramic pots of whatever shape they might be, round, oval or long and slender, are capable of working wonders in enhancing the surroundings with their impressive colours. But because of the material from which they are made makes them very fragile and extra care and caution has to be exercised while handling them.

Selection of Plants and display

While selecting the plants, the dimensions of the display area are to be kept in mind. Glossy leaved plants and plants of elegant shapes could be selected. Plants could be used to highlight dull corners or stairways. Pot stands are best options to display plants, especially when there is shortage of space. There are single or multiple potholders of various shapes, like spiral or ladder designed. Cane baskets can also be used, for they would enhance aesthetic attraction.

Small clay pots having plants with small colourful flowers in them could be hung from balconies or placed on stairways or windowsills. 

The space under a stair case can be decorated by placing a huge pot or a cluster of small pots on a bed of pebbles and shells. To celebrate special occasions a large and beautiful brass pot may be placed at a significant position. The whole stretch can be sprinkled with some water and some colourful flower petals strewn over so as to cover the whole surface. Finally when a lighted diya is placed in the centre a visual splendour would have been created.

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It's every city slickers dream to have a pad in the country side. This pad away from the city initially offers the weekend get away option when a person is still working. It's the best time one can spend with one’s family as time with family on weekdays comes at a premium for most people working in cities. Given this beginning one is introduced to the joy of spending time with family, in simple surroundings which other great views and nature in full bloom. The clean refreshing air increases one’s stamina and adds zest to life and adds a new perspective to life and what it has to offer.

An increasing number of people who are in the higher salary bracket who have a middle class upbringing and values, look forward to be able to contribute to society. A second home as a retirement home option ideally satisfy these needs. One can live in peace and tranquility in one’s second home and do quality work along with NGO's or on their own with Farmers, Tribals and other such down trodden members of society. There are some who have moved to India from UK, US and Australia with such goals in mind. There are local Indians too who are looking forward to such a life.

Secondly, theme based second homes which focus on retirement and the typical needs of a retiree is also in vogue. The needs to be addressed for a retiree are

1. Quality Company to spend time.

2. Various activities which keep them busy through the day and result in maintaining physical and mental health.

3. Access to good medical facilities.

4. Features in the dwelling unit which keep the age of the residents in mind so that things are very accessible, proper support is provided in places like bathroom etc. which have stagnant water in it.

5. Care is taken to see that the tiles are anti skid, the electrical points are easy to handle and very accessible.

6. There is space created for domestic animals like dogs, cats, cattle etc which retirees usually like to live with especially when they are living in remote locations.

7. The locations should be within 2-21/2 hours driving distance from the nearest city so that the place is not very remote and does not inconvenience close relatives from visiting the residents of the retirement homes.

And so on… the list can be anyone's dream wish list and one can keep innovating and improvising to give the best.

Companies like Disha Direct, come with innovative concepts innovations and ideas which can cater to the needs of a typical retiree. To add to it, the properties are located and built in such a way that they make sense to live and also double up good investments as the investments are liquid. There is a huge demand for such properties.
One of the projects which have been recently launched by Disha Direct is 'Raanwara'. As the same suggests it means 'Forest Breeze'. Ideally located at Mandangad on the Mumbai -- Goa Highway, its situated right next to a thriving village, which has all the conveniences and facilities required for day to day living. The project shares a common boundary with a hospital which provides all kinds of medical treatment. This location is ideal for a retirement homes as most of the points listed earlier are taken care of in this location. Secondly, these places are within 2 hours driving distance from the nearest city, which is Pune in the case of Raanwara, this ensures that the retirement pad is not very remote which makes it difficult for immediate relatives to be able to visit.

Places like this presents an opportunity to the residents of the second homes to work closely with rural folk and help them improve their lives by providing education, tips for better living, dispelling myths, helping them improve agricultural yield etc.

One can conclude safely that the concept of second homes doubling up as retirement homes is a viable concept and if implemented imaginatively, there will be no dearth of options available to suit each person's requirement, likes and taste.

Saturday, 20 June 2015



A thing of beauty is a joy for ever. Art pieces when judiciously selected and placed in apt places and in proper way in home interiors, brings out the best of not only the ambience but also the mental thinking of the people owning the place.

Wise selection of artwork and their aesthetic placement go a long way in enhancing the mood and atmosphere of the rooms and hall where they are placed.

An interesting way of decorating your home is to hang up artwork first and work your decor around it. It creates an aura for your space giving it greater depth and a definite ambience, and also makes it a great place for good conversation.

However, placing art in the right places and ensuring that it is visible is possible only if you stick to certain design parameters. These include the frames, placement and spacing, height from where it hangs, the colour of the wall on which it is hung, the furnishings, fabrics and accessories used in that particular room.


Individual pieces should be placed in such a way that the centre of the piece is at eye level. When hanging a group of photos, prints, or paintings, try to figure out the layout to get it ideal before you start hanging them the wall. In a room where you generally sit down (a dining room, family room, or office), hang pictures a bit lower, so they can be enjoyed at a lower viewing angle.

You need to relate artwork to the furniture below it. A large framed piece over a sofa or side-board relates more easily when it is hung so that the bottom of the frame is positioned 6 to 12 inches above the top of the sofa back or tabletop.

While working with a group of pictures or objects to be hung on a wall, think of the grouping as one large picture and relate the bottom of the entire group to the furniture underneath it.

Choose a theme

Take a look at your collection – does it consist works by favorite artists, a collection of mementos in shadowboxes from personal experience or family history, a portrait gallery of family members, or a mix of all these styles?

While displaying artwork in a particular room, stick to one of these so that the room does not resemble a confused clutter of mismatched art pieces. The paint colour should complement the artwork. Before choosing room decor, such as wood wall decor, ensure that you have selected the best wall colour that will complement the art.

Co-coordinating Decor

If your art is themed around the vintage look and has a feel of nostalgia to it, then include things which can help enhance the feeling of nostalgic style. Include vintage signs, vintage linens and furniture.

While selecting your decorative piece, however if you want to be certain they are in keeping with the interior design theme and also have some aspects, then co-ordinate them with each other.

To add softness in addition to enhancing your decor, decorative pillows can be a refreshing choice. Further, the perfect knickknacks to balance your interior decorating scheme can be fun and also help pull the room together.

Having art decor art nouveau clock, lamps and vases on shelves, mantles, and table and geometrically shaped knic-Knacks on shelves can help to create this look.

Care for art

Galleries and museums maintain a controlled environment so that light and humidity do not damage their artworks. Each piece in your home gallery is just as important.

Art is the best appreciated when hung at average eye level, but again it depends on the piece. It is best to keep the gallery free and airy, with maybe low settees in the middle. The art should be the focus.

As for light fixtures, do not have overtly bright ones like fluorescent lighting which can be dangerous for the print. You must be able to discern how light-sensitive and having natural light stream-in into 'safe' areas will add to the general ambience.Avoid spots where your artwork will be exposed to direct sunlight.