Tuesday, 30 June 2015


Ugly moisture patches are common in homes during the monsoons. The moisture patches which appear on ceilings and walls are caused by water leaks. To prevent such patches and moulds the following steps must be taken:

· Leaks must be immediately attended to. If they are left unattended, it will lead to the growth of moulds.

· Moisture-proofing should be done on the roof.

· If the moisture patch dries within 24-48 hours, moulds are unlikely to grow.

· Air conditioning drip pans should be clean and the drains should have no obstructions.

· If indoor humidity is low, condensation is not likely to occur. While cooking, exhaust fans should be used. In bathrooms exhaust fans should be operated after use. Appliances like dryers which produce moisture should be placed in areas with good ventilation.

· The cracks and holes in walls should be patched up immediately.

· Weatherstripping around doors and windows have to be checked, and window seals must be tight to ensure that moisture does not enter.

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