Monday, 29 June 2015


In most of the houses, a plentifully available household item will be picture frames. Many of them would be heirlooms or gifts received during functions and parties. And whichever is bought, after some period lose their novelty or utility. So these empty picture frames remain heaped up in the attic.

With some creative ideas these could be reused intelligently. They also could be used for purposes other than for which they were intended. Such frames not only freshens up a room, but also breathes fresh air of innovativeness into the frames themselves.

Here are some tips with novel ideas:

- The glass can be changed in any frame with a mirror. A grouping of shapes and sizes on a wall can be striking and bounces light around.

- Turn a large, sturdy frame into a tray for an ottoman. A collage of photographs or postcards might be displayed behind the glass or let the fabric of the ottoman show through.

- Decorative cupboard handles could be bought from shops and attached to the sides of a frame creating an accent piece and an organizer on a dressing table or light stand.

- Adding handles also can turn a frame into a serving tray. Silver frames work especially well for this.

- The frames could become the artwork, by taking out the glass and backing and let painted or papered wall show through.

- A grouping of frames could be placed over a bed in place of a standard headboard.

Frames could be hung at odd angles, turning a square into a diamond, with or without art inside.

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