Tuesday, 23 June 2015


Plants when grown and kept in apt ambience, create a scene of fullness and prosperity. If placed in proper receptacles they look splendid. Changing the monotony and dullness in the place is the essential aspect, and when looked after carefully they become the constant and silent companions of the dwellers at home.

Either at indoors or outdoors, plants always remain a source of charm, beauty, freshness and vitality. The entire environment looks more inviting and the dreary and boring scenario gets changed into a lovely and lively ambience.

At the same time plants also need to be given a facelift by putting them in the right kind of pots and displaying them in such a way which enhances their beauty. They thus transform plain and empty open spaces into a green paradise and add character to the surroundings.

While selecting the pots attention should be concentrated regarding the present and final size of the plants' growth and also the place where the plants are going to be displayed. One could well imagine putting a plain, simple plastic or clay pot amidst richly decorated interiors.

There is no deficiency in the varieties and designs of pots to choose from – clay, terracotta, ceramic, plastic or brass are a few among them. The best and healthiest medium to grow plants is in the clay pots. The reason is that the soil in them gets the right amount of fresh air and water as the superfluous water and air are removed through the pores. Normally most of the clay pots have a hole at the base through which the excess water gets drained out automatically. As far as maintenance is concerned they hardly need any, but the one weak point is that they are breakable. If they are to be placed outside, it would be better to paint them in bright colours with a few geometric designs. If they are to be kept indoors, a few mirrors or other suitable decorative items could be stuck on the painted pots. The terracotta pots are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and they certainly add an enchanting earthly feel to the nearby surroundings.

There are no problems in using plastic pots. They are trouble free, unbreakable and are also lighter in weight than the clay pots.

If brass pots are taken for consideration, they are excellent and spell class. But their prices are very high. Their beautiful gold colour stands out in almost any kind of d├ęcor with a distinct air of aristocracy. They need some maintenance and should be cleaned and polished regularly.

The better idea would be placing the clay or plastic pot inside a brass pot. When the plant needs watering or sunshine, the brass pot need not be shifted and it is the one inside that is taken out.

The ceramic pots of whatever shape they might be, round, oval or long and slender, are capable of working wonders in enhancing the surroundings with their impressive colours. But because of the material from which they are made makes them very fragile and extra care and caution has to be exercised while handling them.

Selection of Plants and display

While selecting the plants, the dimensions of the display area are to be kept in mind. Glossy leaved plants and plants of elegant shapes could be selected. Plants could be used to highlight dull corners or stairways. Pot stands are best options to display plants, especially when there is shortage of space. There are single or multiple potholders of various shapes, like spiral or ladder designed. Cane baskets can also be used, for they would enhance aesthetic attraction.

Small clay pots having plants with small colourful flowers in them could be hung from balconies or placed on stairways or windowsills. 

The space under a stair case can be decorated by placing a huge pot or a cluster of small pots on a bed of pebbles and shells. To celebrate special occasions a large and beautiful brass pot may be placed at a significant position. The whole stretch can be sprinkled with some water and some colourful flower petals strewn over so as to cover the whole surface. Finally when a lighted diya is placed in the centre a visual splendour would have been created.

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