Thursday, 25 June 2015


A collection of Books is a treasure trove for the entire family. The children grow with them.  Elders find enlightening moments whenever they browse through its pages. Taking care of them is as important as using them.

Whatever may be the advancements in the field of informationtechnology, where enormous information is crammed into CDs and multimedia packs, books retain their own slot in the dissemination of knowledge.  Reading habits are to be inculcated among children.  Most of the people, thoughthey may not be in the habit of regular reading, always make it a habit to buy books, whenever the chance arises. Arranging them in order is very important. In order to make the books more accessible, they might be displayed prominently in the living room or family room. This not only encourages active reading habit amongst the members of the household, but also adds an interesting dimension to the usual decorative knick-knacks.

For the bibliophiles and serious collectors, library editions, rare books and author signed copies are some of the books that are good for putting on display. On the other hand, a wide range of subjects such as fine arts, photography, interiors, travel, history, philosophy, biographies and many more branches of knowledge form an eclectic collection, that proclaimsthe good taste and varied interests of the collector. Adding a few visually appealing books such as,  coffee-table books with their decorative jackets and colourful plates will add to the variety.

Open shelves, end tables, and cabinet tops can be used to display books. Coordinated book sets such as reference books, encyclopedias, atlas, etc., are more suitable for open shelves while books with decorative jackets are apt for end tables. Decorating interiors with books is gaining a lotof popularity and some websites and book stores even offer books in greatnumbers.

If the collection of books are more for a display an exclusive bookshelf to hold them will be the best alternative. One could invest in a bookcase made of wood or metal that has a glass front, which protects the books from dust while at the same time allows the books to be viewed from outside. Instead of arranging all the books vertically and stacking themagainst one another, the books could be spaced out and arranged in differentstyles to break the monotony. To get a more attractive display, different arrangements on each shelf could be made. One could also use picture frames, curios and other collectibles to make the exhibit more striking.

A couple of books on accent tables, in attractive baskets on end tables, placed vertically on a shelf at the entrance, all add interest and warmth to the decor, but it should always be better to ensure the look remains uncluttered. Some bookmarks should be kept handy in an attractive ceramic bowlor tray and then the look is complete. Arranging books and family photographs to fill any empty corner will also create an interesting look.

Bookends are a useful accessory which could further add interest to book arrangements. Bookends should always be selected in proportionto the size of the books that they support. Ornate or carved, animal figurines such as horse. elephant, odd shapes, book ends in wood, iron, marble, stone, bronze or brass all add up to the visual appeal to the décor.   

Safeguarding  the  Books

After having acquired such valuable collection of books, spending precious energy, time and money, it is important to take utmost care of the collection of books.  It isadvisable to store books in a constant temperature environment, preferably 20to 24 degrees Celsius. High humidity can cause moulds to grow and damage the books, while low humidity can affect the glue in the book bindings. A relative humidity of 45-55 percent is considered to be ideal. Exposure to too much light and dust should also be avoided.

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