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Vaastu for Flats

 Vaastu for Flats

Vaastu teaches us to align our dwellings to the tune of NATURE'S ENERGIES to derive maximum benefit out of them for our welfare and health. However it is not always possible to comply all the tenets of VAASTU at a time. Therefore only broad aspects of VAASTU related to Apartments' plot of land, building and flats are summarized below.

  • Axii of plot X-X and Y-Y should be parallel to magnetic axii East-West, North-South;
  • Square shaped plot is the best;
  • Rectangular shaped plot is good next to square shaped;
  • Circular, oval shaped plot tilted by more than 22½” to the magnetic axis, hexagonal, wheel shaped, triangular, semi-circular, bow-shaped, parallelogram shaped, reverse - cart shaped, star shape, dholak shaped, trapezium shaped, hand fan shaped, beak shaped, tortoise shaped, plot having corner angles other than 90 degrees and also has all unequal four sides, trisul shaped, lion face shaped, egg shaped, L shaped plot having its North-West corner extended, plot having two opposite sites equal on East and West, South side larger than side on North, plot having East and West side parallel and sides on North and South Parallel are examples which are either weak or inauspicious. Such plots can be rectified to make them fit from VAASTU consideration. Cow faced plots with extension in North East corner are good for residential purpose.
  • Slopes of the plot from North to South, West to East, South-West to North-East are good;
  • If the plot has only one road on either North or East or West is good and if on South good for business.
  • If the plot is having roads on two sides, then:

a) If roads are on North and East or on West and North it is good;

b) Other combinations of two roads is comparatively weak;
  • If the plot is having roads on three sides, then they are generally weak;
  • If the plot is having roads on four sides, then it is the best.
  • If any T-Junction road is situated on any one or on other sides of the plot, it is weak 
  • If a road is by side of a plot and ends at the end of the plot it is good;
  • If the road dead ends on one side of the plot, it is not good.
  • In case of rectangular plots, the frontage along the road should be less than the depth of plot. Depth of plot better not to exceed than two times of the frontage width.
  • Extension of corner of plot in North East or reduction of corner in North-West or South-East is good. Extension of other corners are not desirable.
  • If the plot is sandwiched between two plots, it should be avoided;
  • If there are rivers, drains, lakes etc., in the East or in the North it is auspicious;
  • If there are tall trees, hillocks, building, mount of earth on the West or in the South it is auspicious.
  • Colour of soil should be white, red or yellow;
  • One should avoid plots having fossil, big boulders, termite infection and of earth having pungent smell. Thorny bushes on the plot are indication of bad plot;
  • There should not be any ditch on the South of a Plot;
  • Uneven ground having a mount of earth in center should be leveled to have regular slope higher from the West to the East or from South to North or from South-West to North-East direction;

(a) During Construction
  • Excavation of foundation compound wall shall start from South-East corner to South-West corner, while construction shall start from South-West corner to South-East corner;
  • Terrace shall be given slope from the West to the East and from the South to North;
  • All walls of shops shall be 9” thick and shops shall be located in Western or Southern Zone”;
  • Construction work should not be done at night.

b) During Planning
  • Building should be located in such a way that width of the open space in the North is more than the width of open space in the South and the width of open space in the East is more than open space in the West.
  • The proportion of width of plot to the width of the building should be the same as length of the plot to the length of the building.
  • In case of square plots, rectangular building should have longer sides facing the East and the West;
  • In case of rectangular plots square building can be constructed;
  • The depth of the building should not be more than twice its width or minimum equal to its width;
  • If any vertical part extension of a building is proposed in future, the vertical part extension should be in South or West of the floor;
  • In case of roof with one slope the West should be higher than the East and the South should be higher than the North;
  • Central portion of the building should be open to sky;
  • Staircase should not be located in the central portion;
  • Staircase should be provided in the South or West portion of the building.
  • While climbing the stairs at start, one should face South or West;
  • While climbing steps, one should turn clockwise. Number of risers should be odd numbers.
  • Bore well and drinking water sump shall be in the North East.
  • Generator, electrical meter room and transformer should be in the South-East;
  • Vehicular parking should be preferably in the North and the East;
  • Water storage tank on terrace at elevated level shall be in the West or in the South-West.
  • Compound wall height on the South and West should be higher than the height of compound wall on North & East;
  • Gate in compound wall should not be in the South;
  • Septic tank should not be in the South, South-East, South West or North East corner;

  • The kitchen should be on the South-East corner of flat;
  • The cooking platform should not touch the East and the South walls and should be few inches away from the wall;
  • Store should be in the South East corner of flat;
  • While cooking, face should be towards the East.
  • Colour of kitchen should be yellow, Orange, Rose, Chockloate or Red;
  • Bath room should be in the South-East corner in the East direction;
  • Wash basin shall be in the North-East, in the North or in the East;
  • Heater, Switch Board and all other electrical appliances should be in South-East direction;
  • Mirror and door of bath room should be in the North or the East;
  • A toilet cum bath should be in the West or North-West;
  • While using toilet, face should be in the North;
  • Toilets shall never be in the Centre, North-East, South East, and the South-West corners;
  • Marble tiles should not be used in toilets;
  • Pujaghar should be in the East, North or North-East corner
  • Pujaghar should not be in the bed room;
  • Idol should face the East or the West direction;
  • Toilets should never be above or below Puja room;
  • Kitchen should not be located above or below toilet;
  • Living room or drawing room should be in the East or in the North.
  • T.V. should be in the South East corner;
  • Cooler should be kept in the West;
  • Compared to the South side rooms, the North side rooms should be bigger in size;
  • Master bed room should be in South-West corner and children bed room should be in North West corner;
  • Study room should be in the West leaving the North-West and South-West corners free;
  • One should study in study room facing the East or the North
  • Dining room should be in the West side. While taking food one should not face south;
  • There should be no arches in the dining room;
  • Safe door should open in the direction of the North or the East;
  • Store room should be in the North-West corner;
  • Balconies should be in the East or the North side;
  • Basement in the East, North or North-East corner is beneficial;
  • Porch with downward slope towards North is good;
  • Any obstruction like pole or column, tree, temple, well, road, staircase and lift well in front of the entrance gate is not desirable within twice the height of entrance door;
  • Kitchen should never be in front of entrance door;
  • Toilet or poojaghar should not be located below stairs;
  • Door should always be placed upright and its concerns should always be square;
  • Total number of doors, windows and ventilators in each floor should be in even numbers and should not end with zero i.e. 10, 20, 30 etc.
  • Entrance door size should be bigger than other doors;
  • Threshold must be provided for entrance door;
  • Rooms should be square or rectangular and should never be triangular or of irregular shape;
  • Don't sleep, study or work at a location where beam is located above.

Defects of VAASTU can be rectified by making additions and alteration in the existing building instead of total demolition of a structure and construction of a new one on that score.

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