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Having an elevator at home may be rather a novel concept, but it is a wonderful choice for comfort and convenience.

Home makers once looked upon it as only an option for the elderly but today lavish homes have it as a standard and status feature. Homes with two or more storeys can very conveniently fit in a residential elevator during the construction stage. An existing home can have one retrofitted with a few changes to the available space. It may not be a standard feature in Indian homes, but it may be wise to have one for future exigencies.

Design your elevator imaginatively as you would any other room in your home. The style of flooring and wall covering can be chosen by you with a chair or bench at the back in case you don’t wish to stand. Safety features commonly found in a commercial elevator should be fitted.

A residential elevator need not look like a general commercial elevator. If it is carefully planned it can be designed in such a way that it blends in with the design scheme of the house. It is added by some home owners when remodeling their homes.

You may need to make room for some structural changes in your home if you intend to fit a lift in an already existing home. You can do it without being too intrusive by attaching a shaft to the side of the house like a countryside chimney. An unused closet can be a location particularly if there is open space below the closet on the ground floor. Apart from space for the lift shaft there is need for a pit in the floor for the cables and a machine room.

A home elevator need not look odd in your home. They can be custom-designed according to your home décor and three basic areas of design for the home elevator exist-the door, the cab and the control panel. A streamlined wood door that can open on a hinge or be operated as a pocket door would be ideal. For the lowest level you can choose a stylish hardwood door and different styles for the remaining floors. If you are planning on connecting the elevators to the floor of your children’s or guest rooms you could design it according to their taste.

Residential lifts are available in different styles and sizes and they can be fitted into the existing floor plan in many ways. There may be varying styles and many ways to retrofit lifts into the existing floor plan. There are many models to suit most home-owner’s space needs. Residential elevators mostly use a winding drum or cable system, a counter-balance weight system or a hydraulic system. There must be cable system engines, nearby but they can be fitted in an attic. Several manufacturers are changing traditional machine systems according to the space limitations of a house.

It can be a good choice to have an elevator in your home keeping in mind the future scenarios. 

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