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Maintaining the Lawns

Maintaining the Lawns

 Maintaining the Lawns

Every one loves greenery. Even when people don't have a place for a garden they try to have a small lawn inside the house. There are two kinds of lawns, interior lawn and exterior lawn. The plants in the interior or lawn would not require much of sunlight, they can do with the lights in the room.

These lawns will have a water proofing to avoid the water leaking into other walls and good drainage system to drain all the excess water. Exterior Lawns are created for aesthetic use in gardens. They are typically planted near homes, often as part of gardens, and are also used in other ornamental landscapes and gardens. Many different species of grass are used, often depending on the intended use of the lawn.

Before the invention of mowing machines, big lawns were maintained by the labour intensive methods of scything and shearing. They were even maintained through grazing by sheep or other livestock, Areas of grass grazed regularly by rabbits, horses or sheep over a long period often form a very low, tight sward similar to a modern lawn.

To have a great looking lawn, you need to know the tips and tricks of maintaining it.

Mowing : The way that you mow your lawn is one of the most important things to keep in mind. The mow height is important and should be maintained at 2.5 inches. Mowing too low will cause weakening of the grass root system which causes weeds to grow there. This weakening allows weeds to grow much easily.

Pattern Matters : Another element to consider is the direction that you cut in. Always try to change the pattern each time that you mow. Instead of going in the same direction each time, this will allow you to cut into the leaf surface of those dreaded weeds that are leaning in one way. In addition, doing this also helps to keep your soil from being compact. It improves the turf wear too.

Your Blades : Another thing to consider with lawn care is your mower blade. The blades need to be sharp. To have them sharpened; take the lawn mower in to the professionals at the beginning of the season to have the work done. By doing this every year it will help provide your lawn with a great growing pattern all year long.

Watering : Just as important in lawn care is the way that you water. When you water, water infrequently and be sure to water a long time so that it is deep and helps to develop deep roots. Measure the local rainfall and be sure to water at the same level so that your lawn gets the water it needs without being overly saturated.

Pest Control : Yet another lawn care requirement is to monitor for pests. If you believe you have turf diseases, you may be mistaking things like dog urine and fertilizer burns for a pest problem. Have a professional handle the right treatment method for these troublesome creatures.

Using these lawn care tips, you will improve the quality of your lawn and enjoy an easy care caring for your lawn as well.

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