Thursday, 16 April 2015

Cool the summer - Beat the Heat

 Cool the summer - Beat the Heat

Everyone likes a cool home to relax during the hot summer months. With a little effort you can help your interiors to be more cool and refreshing on a hot summer day.

As the days become longer in the summer season we usually like to make use of it. If, however the windows in the home are old or inexpensive the house may become hot as heat is allowed to get into rooms. Windows of high quality vinyl or wood will help in the energy efficiency of your home.
You should think of using horizontal blinds or shutters on both inner and outer windows. Blinds or shutters should be positioned so the sunlight is directed upwards to the ceiling. This produces the effect of a skylight as it provides indirect, natural light indoors with little cooling cost. Wood blinds and shutters are better than metal blinds. Cooling the home centers on air circulation.

Another popular method of cooling is to use fans when you can't have air conditioners. They are affordable and efficient and help to disperse the heat and circulate air.

Minimal overhead lighting is recommended by interior decorators. When reading or performing a task you could use a lamp rather than turning on an overhead light. Whenever an overhead light is turned on energy furniture in the summer is best. This includes floor coverings. You should roll up the wool and oriental carpets and bring out light coloured cotton area rugs and durries. This is because dark colors absorb and hold heat while light colours reflect it.

If using plants choose them according to the proportions of your living area. Evergreen plants such as scheffleras, dracaenas and ficus are large enough to stand alone and blend well into a large area such as a huge living space or a dining hall. Plants that have glossy leaves and elegant shapes should be preferred and placed in good looking containers. Brass or terracotta ones are ideal.

Finally having a small fountain in your home or a terracotta container filled with water and a few flower petals floating on it will give a cool effect to the home. Your house can be eco-friendly, energy-efficient and a haven of refuge from the summer heat.

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