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Safety Precautions for Children

 Safety Precautions for Children

If we have small children at home, we need to be doubly careful that our home is a safe and secure place.  Several ordinary household items may be dangerous to have around if there is a child. Your home must be made a safe place and there are different ways in which the possibility of an accident occurring in different parts of it can be reduced.

In the dining room, for instance, people often spread table cloths on the dining table. These tend to be long and hang down on the sides of the table. It is quite possible that a small child may attempt to stand up with the support of the table clotyh and pull it down. Once that happens the hot food vessels and crockery may fall down upon the child and hurt him. Instead of using such table cloths’s you can use table mats to avoid this kind of situation. All Chinaware items and crockery should be kept in a high cabinet.

Several electrical appliances such as music systems, air conditioner and TV sets are found in the living room. As a result many cords and electric wires will be focused here. Do not leave any of these wires on the floor as a child could fall over one of them, get strangulated or even electrocuted. Keep the wires well secured at a high level. Plug points should ideally be kept at a high point and those that are low should be insulated with dummy plugs or insulation tape. Furniture with sharp edges should not be here either. Centre tables with fragile glass tops should also be avoided. Glass items and lampshades for decoration should be kept out of reach of children in case they fall and injure them.

Pedestal fans, TV trolleys and other bulky articles should be kept out of the child’s way. Carpets and rugs in the room should be secured well with no edges curling up since they may cause children to trip. All medicines should be kept in a cool place where no child can reach them.

The kitchen is a place with more potential to injure children. Sharp articles such as can-openers, knives, scissors etc., should be kept out of reach of the child. Gas lighters, plastic bags, matches, pesticides and insect killers must be out of limits of children. Even the gas cylinder should be stored in a cabinet to which children cannot have access. In addition hot liquids like oil or milk must not be placed on the edge of the counter.  Pot handles should be turned away from the counter edge. The jar should not be left on the mixie as children may turn the mixie knobs. When you have finished grinding, turn off the knobs and remove the jar.

Coming to the bedroom, the baby’s bed should not be near an open window as he may try to climb up from the bed. Curtain cords should not be hanging down near his bed. When a child is left alone in a room, make certain that there are stoppers on the door so that the door cannot get closed fully locking the child inside. A hand towel could be hung over the door to prevent it from locking. Small toys, coins and balloons should not be left lying around because children are inclined to put such things in their mouth. Appealing perfume and gel bottles, hair sprays and cosmetics can be harmful to children’s eyes and should be kept away.

Several items in the bathroom such as toilet cleaners, phenyl and so on should be stored in high places. Razors, blades, electric shavers, blow dryers and scissors should be placed on top. Never leave a baby alone when bathing him particularly when it is done in a bath tub. Before bathing the baby check the water temperature. The bathroom floor should not be slippery with oil or soap.    

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