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Good neighborly relations through Feng Shui

 Good neighborly relations through Feng Shui

For most people the most important space is made up of their home. It is the only place where we can be ourselves and gain peace and support. As demarcation and delineation imparts a feelings of security it is important to have boundaries or compounds for relating to our neighbors.
At one time homes never used to have any special boundaries and the home was situated in the middle of nature with lots of garden space and green foliage. Now a days we have to make do with smaller spaces and buildings have specific boundaries. These help us to feel safe. When we are the family unit forms the boundary and later on this grows to include school and our work.
It is common in China to have an open view before the building with a small partition to mark off the boundary. According to Feng Shui the front barrier must be kept minimal and should not be above the ground floor window sill or waist level. Many homes have very high compound walls and are shut off and disenchanted the world.
In order to create harmonious vibrations with neighbors Feng Shi could be put into action by making sure that the neighbors pathway or building is not obstructed by plants and weeds. Whenever you want to fix or nail anything to the compound wall there should be permission and discussion between the neighbors in view of respecting the area that is common.
Boundaries can be made from several materials such bricks, precast blocks, chain link, split bamboo or ordinary hedges. The effect should be pleasing and lasting. If the plot is curving a straight wall along the boundary will ruin the appearance. If a hedge is grown with mixed planting, or wrong weaving and supports it will be problematic in the future.
Boundaries can be utilized cleverly as a background for plants and for safe guarding. Whether walls, fences or hedges are used it should be in proportion and whatever is planted should not interface with the buildings or outgrow the space. There could be barriers along the boundary for weak areas but the planting of prickly shrubs should be avoided.
It is considered good to have gates with openings at the top and objects like spears or ornamental metal pieces that point outward or face the road or drive way should not be placed. This is because it leads to negative. ‘Chi’. The boundary serves the purpose of marking out your home and if the right plants are grown around there will be a feeling of calmness in the people who occupy it.
You should make sure that you do not put high gates on tall pillars as that creates the effect of a well guarded jail from the outside. Gates should be simple and should curve from the ends towards the centre and upwards as this brings energy into the home.

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