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Vaastu is nothing but living in harmony with nature.
It always suggests to intake enough sunlight, proper fresh air and space required to attain life’s charm, hygiene, wealth, health and family’s welfare and harmony. It further emphasizes to maintain nature’s own value and sanctity like rain water harvesting, plantation and making environment free from pollutants and hazards.
The secrets of vaastu lies in receiving ‘positive energies’ and prevent from ‘negative vibrations’

Why Vastu?

Vastu is the scientific procedure of arranging any premises in order to achieve all round prosperity and growth. Till few years back, the awareness of Vastu was little and people hardly use to believe in it. Gradually with the enhanced reach of internet, people became familiar with Vastu. Now almost everyone takes the services of Vastu experts before starting any construction or purchasing any plot. Vastu has shown great difference in the life of people. People themselves have admitted the change they felt after following Vastu. There is a myth that Vastu cannot be applied to existing construction. Generally Vastu is used before any construction to draw the map as per norms. But existing buildings may have lots of flaws and the people residing in it may suffer lots of problems. People in metros lives in Flats where no demolition or changes is possible. In such cases also, Vastu can be followed.
Take an example, if the road is not good and there are lots of jerks in it, the vehicles may get damaged if not driven safely. The vehicle which is properly maintained may suffer little than the vehicle which is not maintained. Likewise, if the Vastu is perfect, the people residing inside that house suffers little even in adverse time than the people who don’t follow Vastu at all. Vastu brings peace of mind to the person residing inside the premises. Finance, health and other prosperity follows it. There is no documented proof about the positive results of Vastu but there are large group of people who admit the fact that they have been benefitted by it.

When Vastu?

Most of the people think why to follow Vastu. If they are told about its theory they won’t understand its applicability. To better understand the situation, one should check following conditions as to when he/she should consult a Vastu Expert or get Vastu information:-

1.    When continuous health problems persist among the family member.
2.    When there is financial crisis.
3.    When some black magic etc., is felt to be present.
4.    When result is not satisfactory after hard work.
5.    When cash is not stable i.e. expenses are more than the income.
6.    When there is not healthy relationship between husband and wife.
7.    When relationship among family members is not good.
8.    Education of the children is not satisfactory.
9.    When career is not getting settled.
10. When job search is getting no results.
11. When there is mental distress, depression.
12. When there are specific health problems.
13. When there is issue problem (child).
14. When there are litigation and court cases.
15. When sudden accidents are taking place on regular basis.
16. Love affair of children and going against family.
17. These and other problems when there is no reason found for the problem but problem is getting worse.
18. When sales are down but the market is good.
19. When output is low.
20. When employee/staff/ labour problem is on continuous basis.
21. Regular break down of Plant and Machineries.
22. Theft in the store.
23. Quality of production is down.
24. When there is low customer satisfaction.
25. When there is heavy financial crisis.
26. When there are litigation and court cases.
27. When the business is running in loss without any known reasons.

According to vastu experts, building a home according to the principles of vastu "connects the individual intelligence of the occupant of the house to the cosmic intelligence of the universe". Proponents of vaastu say its basis is in the Vedas, 5,000 year old Sanskrit texts that assert a connection between human health and building materials, orientation to the movements of the sun and spatial relationships. According to vasastu, Vedic architecture and feng shui have a common root, but vaastu is more scientific, while feng shui has superstitious elements. Vaastu experts says that vaastu is derived from "lost and misunderstood" principles, natural law, "whereby the entire universe is created: galaxies, planets, human beings" along with buildings and cities.
As per the results proved through experiments in this regard, it is found that spending time in buildings that follow these principles makes one smarter. Proponents say that vaastu homes have escaped wildfires that burned neighboring homes, and that businesses located in vaastu followed office buildings have greater profit and lower absenteeism. Residents of homes constructed according to vaastu say they felt vitality, calm and happiness when they moved into their Vedic houses. A mother says that her boys are more orderly. "Living in a proper vastu can eliminate 60 to 80 percent of the problems we encounter in life." Some other followers of vaastu say,  that the practice of the Vaastu technologies is more powerful with Vastu buildings.
Auspicious locations have water to the east or north. If water is in an inauspicious location then it can be balanced with fountains on the north side. Items in the nearby environment that generate electro-magnetic fields, such as high tension wires and microwave towers, are avoided. The slope, if any, should be towards the east, and there should be no obstructions that block the sun's first rays.
The principles of orientation in vaastu are based on the position of the sun, considered  to be the most powerful natural influence on Earth. Aligning a structure with the rising sun (facing east) is considered to be auspicious for the building's inhabitants and to be "spiritually healthy." According to the principles of vaastu, the other three cardinal directions also have their corresponding influences. For example, homes with entrances facing west invite "poverty, lack of creativity and vitality," and "anxiety, depression, bad luck and even criminal tendencies." According to the vaastu, the north direction has the influence of prosperity and happiness and the south direction has the influence of negativity, problems and suffering. Proper orientation is also said to increase business productivity.


When a house for a particular individual is being designed using vaastu principles, the placement of the building and its rooms are carefully planned according to their intended usage and the influence of the sun as it moves throughout the day. Rooms are placed to "take in the sun's light as it passes overhead." Windows and skylights are also used to allow as much natural sunlight as possible to enter the building. An aspect  called "Vastu Vidya" determines the places in the building that are used for generating and storing natural elements like fire and water, heating and plumbing. Bathroom fixtures such as sinks and mirrors also have a particular placement according to vaastu principles; for example, toilets must face south. Kitchens and dining rooms should be on the east side, and offices on the west. Beds should face north or northeast. Buildings constructed according to vaastu principles are often designed as linear "bar buildings" to offer the most east-facing exposure.


Vaastu experts says that symmetry is orderly and helps to coordinate the various aspects of a structure, and that there is an ideal proportion for every room in a home or office. Also, the length, width and elevation of the building are calculated using the ancient Vedic mathematical formulas and requires a level of construction precision to one-eighth of an inch.
Vaastu planning and building takes into account the effects of the sun, moon, planets and stars, and also using the poles and the equator as reference points. Its measurements and proportions are said to be calculated in reference to proportions of the human physiology and the cosmos, and in harmony with nature.


Long long ago, in order to eliminate ‘negativities’ from a building, be it a house, a commercial building, Office, business place etc.,  the Vaastu consultants had no option than to demolish but according to Feng shui, Pyramidology and Home Remedies have helped a lot and avoiding ‘demolition of house’ if it is found not in order. Vaastu experts say that, according to Fengshui and Pyramidology , the negative factors can effectively removed through simple methods without any demolition. However, exceptions are always there, for example even in today’s modern era you may find few traditional and typical vaastu consultants who still work on old methods and they are not adaptive to other latest knowledge and techniques prevailing in the world, which are well experimented and found perfectly comfortable.

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