Monday, 11 May 2015


After ‘Neem’ and ‘Turmeric’, now it is the turn of ‘Vaastu’ which is a registered trademark held by the Germany.

According to WTO authority, you cannot use the word ‘Vaastu’ in any of the commercial ventures, once it is registered.

One German Vaastu Scholar, Marcus Schmieke, who started an institute named “Vaastu Academy”  in Hirschgrund, was taken to Court where he apologized for using this word and changed the word ‘Vaastu’ to ‘Vasati’ to teach Vaastu shastra to German students. 

“Vasati” means Vishnu (Va) and Lakshmi (Sati).  He has linked Vaastu with 10 Indian incarnations of Lord Vishnu. For instance, Lord Rama who was Suryavanshi, has been linked with northwest, relating with Moon. 

Lord Buddha’s direction is north and Lord Varaha for southwest. Parasurama stands for southeast, Kurma avatara represents west. Lord Kalki represents the center “Brahmasthana” and Lord Varuna represents northeast and Lord Narasimha is associated with South. 

The statues of these avataras represent qualities of different directions. 
Mr. Marcus has constructed a small temple in Germany having all 10 statues of Indian Gods for the purpose of teaching Vaastu to around 3000 students in UK, Crotia and Hungary. 

Mr. Marcus who is carrying on whole-time research on Vaastu, found in a two-year study that majority of women suffering from breast cancer had their bedrooms in southeast and toilets in the northeast. He is constructing 140 flats in Hannover in Germany according to Vaastu principles. Indian Vaastu expert Ashwine Bansal has also studied 13 cases of cancer in which the patients had their toilets in the northeast. 

Mr. Marcus in collaboration with Mr. Bansal has written a research book on Vaastu origin of Feng shui giving new dimensions and principles to the Chinese version of Vaastu. Apart from German, this book is being  published in 10 major languages  in the world.

Both Mr. Marcus and Mr. Bansal have developed software on Vedic astrology linked with Vaastu Shastra for sale in international market. This software would give a calendar for an individual for the whole year to grade the 365 days in four categories like excellent, best, better and good days. It would also give analysis of an individual’s personality. 

Mr. Bansal, after studying Indian Parliament House along with other seven Parliament Buildings in other countries, has conducted research jointly with Mr. Marcus on German Parliament building. 

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