Friday, 22 May 2015


Wind Energy in India For socio-economic growth of any State, energy is one of the chief inputs. In the coming two decades, economic development of a majority of the world’s population is expected to be fuelled through usage of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are expected to attain their maximum potential sometime in 2020-2050. They will become more costly than other renewable energy options because of constraint in production and availability. In the second half of the next century renewable energy will play a major role in accelerating development and sustainable growth.
In the renewable energy sector one of the most successful programmes has been power generation from wind and it is making significant contributions to the power needs of some States. When a separate Ministry was created in 1992, emphasis was laid in the eighth plan to generation of grid quality power from renewable.
As the trend of cost is declining and the scale of wind turbine manufacturing is increasing, wind promises to become a chief power source worldwide during the first few decades of the new millennium. A report from the World Watch Institute, The State of the World 1998, on progress towards a sustainable Society notes that renewable energy production in the World is growing very fast. The fastest growing source of energy in this decade is wind generation and it is growing year by year. India has been recognised as the new ‘Wind Super Power’.
So far, in many States survey work is being carried on. Wind potential has discovered in many States. Earlier, specific viable and potential sites are now being identified through intensified scientific surveys. A good base of local production for wind turbines is now there in the Country and 8 or more than 8 Manufacturing Companies are involved in this Sector.
A package of incentives such as tax concessions like 80% accelerated depreciation, tax holidays for Power Generation Projects, soft loans, customs and excise duty reliefs, liberalised foreign investment procedures etc., has been introduced by the Government. Private Sector Financial Institutes and IREDA are contributing in a significant way to promote Renewable Energy Projects is general. Wind Energy Projects are being particularly emphasized.
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