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Bangalore is a Radial Pattern city with major roads leading to the centre, which results in concentration of non-residential activities and traffic in the central area. The non-residential activities generate traffic and congestion takes place. As the city grows in to a large city traffic problem in the central area becomes un-manageable. 

Traffic problems:

(a) Accidents:
The number of two wheeler accidents in our State is said to be the highest in the country. The reason for this is congestion in the central area, inadequate width of roads compared to traffic volume, many truck entering into the city, too many rash driven auto-rickshaws and maxi-cabs etc. The encroachments by shop keepers in the commercial areas force the pedestrians to walk on the road pavements and involve in accidents.

(b) Vehicular Pollution:
Bangalore is one of the most polluted cities in India. The serious vehicle pollution is due to very large number of vehicles, acute traffic congestion due to inadequate road widths, use of adulterated fuel, bad maintenance of vehicles, etc.

(c) Parking problem:
There is acute parking problem in the City central area between KG Road and City market, as the commercial activities generate lot of parking demand, but it is not possible to park the vehicles due to congested narrow roads. Gandhinagar area with number of commercial activities and hub of tourist activities also has serious parking problems. Very serious parking problems are observed in the whole sale market area at Kalasipalyam located in the most congested central area of the city.
Fashionable shopping areas like Commercial street and Brigade road – MG road area also have parking problems. Popular and most reputed schools/colleges also create parking problems attracting large number of vehicles.

One-way system:

One way system introduced on several roads requires review and change for some roads, as there may be inconveniences on some roads due to congestion while other roads may be wide enough to take traffic.
In line with this, during yester years, a committee under the Chairmanship of former Chief Secretary to Government Mr. J.C.Lynn was constituted which suggested traffic engineering proposals, grade separations, pedestrian sub-ways, improvement of bus depots and workshops etc. 

Pedestrian subways:

There are pedestrian subways at City Market, City Railway station and Shivajinagar Bus station. The City Market subway built long back is not useful as people seldom use it. The sub way is dark, dirty and even more risky. Even the Shivajinagar Subway is also not being used, as it is narrow, not attractive and not maintained properly. Besides these two, the pedestrian over bridge built on KG Road by a private entrepreneur long back is also not useful as it is very high and difficult to climb.
In fact, Pedestrian subways are required on all busy roads / intersections. Subways are required on MG Road and Residency Road near Opera theatre. Wherever fast traffic is more in one-way roads, subways are required and may be proposed. Private investments may be invited by offering advertisement rights for an agreeable period.

Widening of important roads:

During the past, several important roads were widened by improving traffic movements. In a similar manner, widening of several other roads are also need to be done, strictly as per the rules and regulations and in the interest of the city, without succumbing to the pressure from any corner. Further, widening of important roads should be taken up to improve traffic movement. For easy acquisition additional FAR in the remaining portion of the sites, Floating FAR etc., may be tried as it would be found successful. 

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