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Lighting Ideas for Driveways

Lighting Ideas for Driveways

Lighting Ideas for Driveways Buildings need driveways that are not only convenient but also present a great view of the architectural features of elevations with clever landscaping colour schemes and lightning you can achieve your goal.
Visibility for vehicles is critical  at a driveway also an aesthetic elegance with the placement of lighting and its fixtures. If you have a large buildings and a long driveway trees and hedges may line the drive way lighting may in clued parabolic aluminum reflectors (pra) which are focused brilliant light fixtures you may integrate the lighting by having lamp posts of the same design as the windows or of wrought iron if you have window grills and blend the lighting with the elevation.

Types of light fixtures  

Based on the expanse of your driveway you can choose fluorescent halogen or sodium vapour lamps any signs indicating parking lots or directions need be well lit apart from the pathway itself.
Blending the greenery if any with the lamp posts is a challenge. Small bits of green shrubs and bushes near the lamp posts add visual interest. The posts may be of aluminum or painted and treated wood. In fact if you have a garden next to your driveway you may use felled tree trunks as lamp posts.
A trend is to have hi-tech remote sensing lights witch light up when you drive in. They will automatically turn on and off when pass by dimming controls for the brightest light fixtures are useful.


It is critical to integrate your landscaping with the lighting not only must one light up the trees and plants but also choose fixtures that blend in the shape on the elevation of your building. You may replicate the patterns of your windows grilles in your shades and lamps posts if it is a ramp a smooth looking row of lamp posts may be ideal.
If compound walls are near the driveway you may grow ivy on them with nearly recessed lighting in the walls. If trees line your ramp you may hang lamps from the tree trunks for a natural look another idea is to have floor recessed lighting they may be embedded neatly into the floor along the drive way with glass and slim grille casings.
If your drive way is small you may choose slender metal lamp posts so as not to seem over whelming. The posts may also be curved forward at the top to provide better lighting the key is to provide better lighting for pedestrians and traffic into and out of building.
If you want to be creative you may create sculptures as lampposts contemporary sculpture pieces can line the driveway with light fixtures embedded in them.
If you have an architectural feature in your building elevation you may highlight in with appropriate lighting.
Perhaps you have a large cantilevered porch or a waterfall near the entrance these may be emphasized with lights to enhance the features and avoid shadows.
Natural colours should be selected for painting the lamp posts black burgundy red or chrome gray may be suitable small ex posed wire-cut brick work posts may also be provided with light fixtures and glass on top up three feet high.
Avoiding dark nooks and corners in the driveway provides a safe and comfortable drive into your office building.

DONE - Bank hesitant to Finance Realty

The going is likely to only get tougher for cash-starved real estate majors, with their current outstanding debt crossing Rs. 1,20,000/- crore against Rs. 88,000/- crore last fiscal year; an increase of 36%. Banks have decided  to go slow on lending to the realty sector.
A senior executive with a real estate firm told that it is a cause for concern for real estate majors with banks shying away from lending to the sector, especially in the wake of the new land acquisition bill.
This has also led to a delay in the completion of housing projects in several parts of India. The alleged involvement of real estate companies such as Unitech and DB Realty in the 2 G spectrum scam has also aggravated problem.
With banks deciding to go slow in financing real estate majors, the latter are resorting to private equity investors for money to pay the burgeoning debt portfolios.
Chairman of a public sector bank said that Banks are very cautions while lending to real estate majors. They are not very keen on this sector especially now that the level of bad assets has shown a significant rise. The level could see a further rise due to non repayment from this sector. The Reserve Bank of India has also shown its discomfort with banks opening their purses to real estate majors.
The central bank has been revising regulatory guidelines relating to lending to the real estate sector from time-to-time to ensure that there is no fraud or default in the sector.
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