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Developers in urban center will build a lot of if they put aside some area for public parking. The geographic region government has initiate with an incentive floor area index (FSI) provision that encourages developers and housing societies to earmark area for a public cause reciprocally of permission to make a lot of. This may not solely release some in private owned plots or surplus area in housing societies for public parking however even has some impact on the property market since the developers can get additional FSI to make a lot of. 

In areas wherever the FSI has been capped at one or 1.33, this provision would nearly be a windfall for developers if they will put aside the desired area for public parking. Extra FSI is large enough an incentive for developers. Within the island town, the utmost permissible FSI, that determines vertical growth of a building in proportion with the plot space, are four below the new parking policy projected by the govt... In suburbs and extended suburbs, the utmost permissible FSI are three, in line with a change created by the state to the section 37(2) of Development management Rules (DC Rules). The final FSI within the island town and suburbs is one.00 and 1.33. 

The provision says the minimum space of a plot being offered for public parking ought to be a thousand sq m within the island town and 2000 sq m in suburbs. The minimum variety of cars public car parking zone mustn't be but fifty subject to minimum parking space of 700 sq m. the utmost permissible FSI that the policy offers is inclusive of the FSI really employed by the developers or societies. The policy are enforced by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC). 

The provision can work like this. Suppose a developer or housing society offers a 20,000 sq m plot for public parking, afterward building or society has consummated parking necessities of the residents, to the municipal corporation and if the corporation accepts the proposal, the developer or the society involved can get an extra FSI (depending upon location) over and on top of the FSI granted earlier. individuals victimisation the parking lot can have to be compelled to pay charges to the BMC. However the developer or society won't claim any share during this revenue and also the solely incentive are additional FSI. 

The provision makes a distinction for areas close to railway stations, bus depots, railway stations, water jetties, government offices, and distinguished places of worship. If the parking lot projected by developers or societies is at intervals 500m distance from any of those places, the permissible extra FSI are out there on five hundredth of the engineered of parking lot. In alternative elements of town and suburbs, this may be four-hundredth. This provision has been enclosed to facilitate public parking around distinguished places of worship like Siddhivinayak, Mahalaxmi temple, Haj i Ali, Mount mother church etc. 

The provision wouldn't solely produce parking lot round the common places of worship however conjointly cause creation of extra housing stock by providing additional FSI. The availability at places of worship conjointly takes under consideration the protection side since shortage of parking has perpetually been a security threat.

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