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Vaastu Shastra, a science of environmental harmony and energy, may be effectively used for improvement comes so as to achieve peace, harmony and prosperity. Vaastu may be used effectively for new construction and conjointly for comes already designed. The subsequent are the few tips to get positive energy and higher results: 

Auspicious days
Date of commencement of construction is extremely vital for transportation out higher results. Normally, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and friday are sensible days to start out construction and it's higher to avoid Sunday and Tuesday for commencement of construction. Beginning of construction in Shukla Paksha brings happiness. Stars like Rohini, Mrigshira, Chitra, Hasta, Swati, Anuradha, Uttara Shada, Uttara Bhadrapa, Uttara Falguni, Dhanista, Shatabhisha and Revati are thought-about pretty much as good for commencement of construction. 

Cleaning and levelling of land
Before commencement of any construction activity, clearing or removing the thorny plants or deadtrees and rocks is essentially to be done. Similarly, leveling of land is extremely vital beneath Vaastu Shastra.Proper leveling of land with sure portion of such land with very little heighty than the remaining space would produce a really sensible flow of cosmic energy that successively would guarantee uninterrupted progress of the development work. 

Vaastu Pooja
Vaastu Pooja is additionally referred to as Shanku Sthapana. Shanku means that energy device and Shanku plays a really vital role to get rid of the negative radiation / energy from the land.Shanku Stapana means that the pooja in dire straits birthing the inspiration stone and praying to the Shanku for his blessings for removal of negative energy from the land. Pooja is obtainable to Shanku and there once it's buried within the centre of the plot since it's believed that the energy moves towards the centre or centre of the plot. Thus, it's believed that the Shanku buried at the centre can guarantee suppression of the negative energy. 

Starting point
The start line of construction is extremely vital beneath Vaastu Shastra. Thus, the development ought to begin from South East and moved  forward in a very clockwise manner. 

Builders/contractors’ site workplace
Every builder or contractor builds a short lived site workplace at the development site. correct placement of this workplace as well as seating arrangements of the contractor or builder, his manager and different workers within the correct direction enhances the energy of the persons performing on the project.This, in turn, can facilitate in recuperating results from the workers and managers performing on the project.The builders site workplace might situate in south or the west of the location and also the owner/builder/manager ought to sit facing east and also the remainder of the workers sitting facing north. 

Place for stores
Proper placement of machinery and construction material is additionally important to get positive energy and for sleek progression of the project.Electric machinery can offer positive energy once placed within the Hindu deity Sthan and also the materials like sand and bricks ought to be keep in Prithvi Sthan or South. Temporary water tanks for construction ought to beneath no circumstance be placed in South - West since this may crippl the project and can bring losses to the developer.


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