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Vaastushastra is nothing however a building by laws of the traditional days. The shastras are supported specific principles and so facilitate to manage the flow of positive energies within the premises also as stop the free flow of negative energies.The vaastushastras is used as guide lines today when deciding the usage of obtainable space with relation to the available natural environmental conditions.The situation of room, bedrooms, living rooms, toilets, storage areas is set with relation to vaastu principles for a stronger, healthy and prosperous living. The subsequent are the few tenets of vaastu which might be followed whereas designing the residential buildings.
-The height of the building ought to decrease from South – West to North-East.

-Installing a sculpture at the main gate of the building is thought of auspicious.

-North-East corner of the house ought to be unbroken neat and clean.

-The room, the worship area and the rest room ought to never be created aspect by aspect or directly opposite every different.

-As so much as possible the rest room rooms ought to have the seats mounted in north-south position. The storage tank, where necessary ought to be created in either north-west or south-east corner of the plot.

-Tree, lamp-post, dustbin and therefore the gate of the most entrance shouldn't be directly before of the most door of the house.

-Those who are finding out ought to sit facing either North or East whereas finding out.

-Sitting or taking rest or sleeping beneath the beam ought to be avoided.

-The main door ought to be planned in such some way that no body’s shadow falls on that.

-As so much as doable the rain water and drain system ought to pass through north-east corner.

-It is thought of not auspicious and not a sensible sign if the shadows of trees fall on the main building between 9 AM and 3 PM.

-It is auspicious to position the door resulting in the steps within the building if set in east or south.

-North-west is that the best space for utilizing as car park for vehicles.

-The guard area ought to be created close to the most entrance.

-North-East corner being an area for golf shot up worship area there ought to be no rest room engineered or any litter created within the same corner.

-The main door ought to be placed or set either within the North or within the East however ne'er within the centre of the directions.

-The owner’s area ought to be set either within the west or within the south, ideally within the south – west.

-The house will be extended in all four directions. Extending it either in south-west or south-east isn't recommended since such extensions might result adversely for the owner and therefore the family or the occupants of the house.

-Alcohol shouldn't be consumed within the bed area, Storing of alcohol, oil tins, pesticides, pesticides, etc ought to be avoided as such things produce mental tensions and worsen anxieties.

-Underground storing of water (sumps) is completely necessary of late, notably within the cities.Such storage tanks ought to be created in North-East as so much as doable.Construction in North-West ought to be avoided because it isn't thought of auspicious.

-The Bos taurus shed be engineered in the north-west corner.

-The openings of doors and windows ought to be a lot of on the east and north sides of the building than its south and west sides.

-While playacting pooja etc, the performer/worshipper must always face North and East direction as these directions are most auspicious for providing prayers / playacting poojas. Facing south direction ought to be avoided.

-While going out of house facing south should be avoided.  South is thought of most inauspicious. Facing towards the south direction while performing any good works should be avoided.

-Worship area ought to never be set below the stairs of the house.  Even construction of bogs below the step case isn't thought of sensible and might be avoided as so much as possible.

-The land on which the building is to be constructed should as far as possible be sloping towards North and East directions. Thus that the water is let out through North-east space.

-Pictures or portraits depicting war, crime, anger, distress, and killings shouldn't be decorated within the main area of the house.

-A bowl full or raw salt (full to the brim) could also be placed within the rest room higher than head level. It’ll stop flow of negative energy.


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