Saturday, 18 October 2014


a)Use further materials that unit ecologically sound and breathe, e.g. bricks and wood breathe where as steel, concrete and glass do not. Even adobe bricks, soil stable bricks are higher.

b) Avoid materials that are venturesome, e.g. paints that have harmful solvents, modified timber derivatives that use gas that offer out vapors, mineral fiber that cause respiratory illness.

c) Regarding lighting, offer priority to health aspects. Sun light-weight has many advantages.

d) Ensure all workplaces have day light-weight.

e)Use windows which will be opened. (This is improbably essential in our state of affairs where electrical supply is erratic. aircon makes the air drier. If the filters are not clean usually, the air we have a tendency to tend to breathe is to boot of unsure quality. In centralized aircon, the design depends on sort of air charges per hour. As a section of the air is came back, it has been discovered that it usually contains smoke smoke)

f)Use window glazing that do not allow ultraviolet rays through.

g)Use natural light-weight significantly in stairs and corridors.

h)Restrict electrical installations to a minimum.

i)Minimize aircon.

j)Avoid use of ceiling boards; they invite accumulation of dirt and plant. The frame work on high of might attract movements of rats.

k)Use coldness heat.

l)Avoid important drapes: They invite cockroaches and lizards in tropics.

m)Avoid water use for production, flushing etc.

n)Use grey water (water from bath) for alternate use wherever achievable.

o)Collect rain water and use it for farming, laundry and cleansing.

p)Equip bogs with water saving devices, even in kitchens (like water saving taps) if large volumes are consumed.

q)Plan waste disposal

r)Install system that separates destructible from others.

s)Install waste processor.

t)Organize compost for organic waste.

u)Keep the very best soil excavated individually and use it for land scape.

v)Minimize paving, allow the soil to breathe, minimize waterproofing of surface by practice concrete and asphalt.

w)Use interlocking sets on compacted gravel (They is employed for drive ways in which to boot if designed properly.) they allow rain water to soak in, manufacture flow lake.

x)Use autochthonous plants; they resist the native pests best. Offer preference to native shrubs and lake.

y)Do not use organic manure or weedicides and pesticides .

z)Use roof high for farming, energy assortment.Plant climbers wherever achievable to be protection for walls.


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