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Due to the unwell efforts of pollution and alternative connected problems, temperatures are soaring higher than traditional in some components of the planet and on account of this, the requirement for air conditions are felt by several.  The accrued usage of air conditioners across the planet has resulted within the accrued consumption of electricity.  

If you want to cut back your electricity consumption or defend the setting in your own little manner, there are enough ways in which to chill your home while not having to use an cooling system.These ways aren't new, and are in use throughout earlier generations once our fore fathers failed to have electricity or air conditioners to support them. 

If you are in method of building your home and are trying to ways to cut back cooling system usage, insulation of walls and ceilings could be a sensible possibility which will scale back heat throughout summers yet as cold throughout winters.  This reduces the usage of space heaters conjointly. 

Cross ventilation could be a fantastic construct, whereby no equipments are used. The construct is straightforward, because it used the follow of air to form a cooling impact, while not holding the air so it doesn't become stagnant and increase temperature.  The ventilation points, like windows, are place so they're in opposite directions, and wind flowing from one direction to the opposite, go through the space however exists straight off, so cooling the space. 

Another effective technique of reducing internal heat is by putting in sun films on your glass windows.  This reduces the Temperature within by at-least three to four degrees. Making a garden and maintaining it's a good controller of warmth.  Trees and shrubs facilitate to chill the setting and thence lawns are nice plan, particularly if you're in an exceedingly single home or condominium.  Curtains, drapers or blinds also can scale back interior temperature, particularly if you retain them closed throughout the afternoons. Unit in equatorial regions conjointly use the technique whereby water holding materials like soil are used as insulation of the roof, and water is poured over it throughout the evenings.  This helps in decreasing the inside temperature because the roof tends to remain cool.  

Using fans are the foremost convenient thanks to cool your homes. Although fans conjointly need electricity for its functioning, the consumption of electricity is way but that of cooling system.  These fans may be ceiling fans, transportable fans, table fans or maybe pedestal fans.  Fixing of those fans within the space yet as on the attic will facilitate in reduction of temperature. 
Swamp coolers are an affordable manner of cooling your home, as they use terribly less electricity, however additional water. Each other manner that's employed in other components of the planet is by painting the roof with reflective pain, that reflects the daylight, thereby not observant any heat on to the roof.  This helps in reducing the temperature within the house.


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