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 B.D.A Property:
1.Amount paid receipt issued towards the payment helpful of site by B.D.A. to the allottee.
2.Allotment letter
3.Lease humor sale agreement.
4.Possession certificate
5.Absolute sale deed
7.Latest tax paid receipt
8.E.C. from date of allotment till date
9.Khatha extract
10.Building set up (if any)

Converted lands:
1.Mother deed to trace the origin of property / All various relevant conveyance deeds.
2.Conversion Order
3.Zonal regulation map
4.RTC from 1967 till date
5.Relevant mutation records.
6.I.L. & R.R. records
7.Nil residency certificate
8.Nil acquisition certificate from the competent authority.
9.Endorsement from Tahsildar confirming that there is no case unfinished below sec.79(a) and (b) of KLR Act.
10.Village map/Survey map/Tipny/ Akar Bandh/Atlas
11.If the sites are formed, approved layout arrange to be obtained and  sketch fixing the sites on the survey map to be obtained.
12.If the born-again land falls at intervals the view of C.M.C. OR B.M.P., betterment charges to be paid
13.Khatha from the concerned authority to be obtained.
14.Latest tax  paid receipt.
15.E.C. for the relevant quantity till date.

B.M.P. Lands:
1.Mother deed to trace the origin of property / All various relevant conveyance deeds.
2.Betterment charges paid receipt (if applicable)
4.Khatha extract
5.Sanctioned Building created
6.Latest tax paid receipt.
7.E.C. for the relevant quantity till date
8.If it's primarily a reborn land, the documented listed in (c) on high of are required.
9.City Survey records;
a.P.T. sheet
b.Field book register
c.P.R. Card
d.City survey enquiry report

1. Mother deed to trace the origin of property / All alternative relevant conveyance deeds.
2. Betterment charges paid receipt (if applicable)
3. Khatha certificate
4. Khatha extract
5. Sanctioned Building created from competent authority.
6.latest tax paid receipt
7.E.C. for the relevant amount until date
8.If it's primarily a born-again land, the documents listed in (c) on high of ar required.
9.In case of high rise building, the permission to be obtained from the next departments:
a)Airport authority of India
c) B.E.S.C.O.M
e)Fire Force
f)Pollution Board
10.Commencement and occupancy certificates.
Other than tracing the title of the property, if the property is command by a corporation, Partnership firm or Trust, the next documents are required:

1. Memo & Articles of Association of the company.
2. Incorporation certificate.
3. Resolution elapsed the company purchasable / purchase of property.
Partnership Firm
1. Partnership Deed of the firm.
2. Authorising letter among partners authorizing partners purchasable and obtain of property.
3. Acknowledgement of registration of firm.

1.Regd. Trust deed
2.Resolution/Authorization letter among trustees authorizing members purchasable and get of property.


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