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It is our Indian Tradition to bestow gifts of immovable properties inside families. This method of "GIFT" is roofed underneath Section 123 of Transfer of Property Act 1882 that delineates the procedures of constructing a sound gift.
The Act stipulates that the gift ought to be created by a registered document signed by the donor, or by his professional on behalf of the donor and genuine by a minimum of 2 witnesses. This permits the receiver or his punctually licensed representative to receive and settle for the gift. The authorization or the ability of professional given to the Representative, ought to be clear on the provisions either for creating a present or to receive/accept the gift, and may invariably be sealed as per the applicable Laws hip. The gift ought to be dead in writing and be registered.

Gift to two or a lot of persons:
There is also an instance where- within the gift is given to 2 or a lot of persons and anyone among them might not settle for it. In such cases, though' the gift isn't fully invalid, it becomes inoperative and void on the interest that wasn't accepted by the involved receiver. The opposite one who has / has accepted the gift is / are entitled to what's talented to him / them. The receiver who accepted the gift doesn’t get any right, interest and title on the opposite property that wasn't accepted / refused by the opposite receiver. Solely the extent of proportion talented can solely belong to them and also the nonstandard portion reverts to the donor and not the donees. 

Gift changing into void :
The acceptance of gift must be created throughout the life time of the donor and once the donor remains capable of giving, asserts the Transfer of Property Act. Because the gift deed has to be registered, acceptance of the gift is typically recorded on the gift deed itself. The gift becomes void if the donor dies before acceptance by the receiver, or the donor is roofless of the talented property by virtue of Law before acceptance, or within the event of either the donor or the receiver changing into incompetent to contract before giving or acceptance of gift. 

Gift that's revoked:
At times, betting on the contents and conditions of the gift deed, a present may also be suspended or revoked. Each the donor and also the receiver should agree for such act. Broadly, the subsequent are the grounds on that a present could either be off or rescinded:
- On incidence of any event that's laid out in the gift deed;
- The conditions ought to are accepted by each the parties and also the receiver ought to have united for such condition whereas acceptive the gift;
- The projected event, by that the gift got suspended or revoked, ought to be on the far side the management and can of the donor;
- The condition therefore obligatory should not be detestable to the gift;
- The condition shouldn't be illegal or immoral. 

The fundamental facet whereas creating a present is that the absence of any reasonably thought. Though' no thought is received on gift, however the gift deed attracts stamp tax and registration charges as applicable to a procurement deed. However, a concession is given in respect of the gift to members of the family like relation, son, daughter, in-law and grand-children. In Karnataka the utmost stamp tax owed is Rs.1000/- with a further price of Rs.50/- and infrastructure, education, etc. The registration fee in such cases is Rs.500/-.


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