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As there are countless moods for the human beings, equally endless are the variations by which they could be perfectly reflected in coloring home. Varied are the techniques available for giving a personal touch for every wall decorations. One need not be a connoisseur of art to know all the intricacies of home decorations for doing one's own wall decorations.

In home design -as in other visual arts - form, color and texture are the key elements of expression. While from shapes the structure of our surroundings colour and texture affect of the mood.

One of the obvious ways of introducing color in a room is through paint, a medium which opens up a world of possibilities.There are limitless hues as well as numerous painting techniques to choose from.For centuries, artisan and craftsmen have embellished interior surfaces with decorative paint treatments. These eye-catching techniques remain popular today for camouflaging or enhancing design details; or simply adding a touch of panache to a staid decor; Decorative painting techniques fall in two categories.

The first category includes faux finishes including faux marbling, faux wood graining; and Trompe l'oeil  i.e. to mimic a real material or object. The latter is a particularly captivating style that creates realistic focal points or vistas through freehand application.

The second category of decorative painting techniques includes treatments that simply adorn. Sponging, Ragging, Combing, Stenciling are some of the ornamental finishes that add dimension and personality to any interiors. Sponging is the skill of applying different color paints to a uniform base coat, achieving a multi tone

Ragging is an adept modus operandi for hiding rough or uneven surfaces, particularly if one uses flat paint for both the base and the glaze.

Dragging is a simple procedure consisting of nothing more than dragging a dry bush through a wet glaze that has been applied over a base coat.

Splattering is one of the oldest methods of decorating walls. A splatter machine with adjustable nozzles is used to spray droplets of paint on the wall.

Stenciling is the art of decorate walls when one wants to emphasize an edge or emulate a fabric print. Stencils enhance the decor of any room.

Personal Preferences:
The genre of pattern one chooses depends on the proportions of the room and would be a reflection of personal tastes and creativity. With the festive season round the corner, add a new dimension and verve to the conventionally treated walls. Experiment, have fun, and create visual distinctions.

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