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Storage of things has become a serious criterion when deciding to buy a home, in modem times. People want each and every room to have a functional as well as decorative storage space, and the bed room is no exception. The closet nowadays is no longer just a shelf. As per the widening needs, it has taken new designs, dimensions, and components.

Before the commencement of planning the closet, one has to consider the amount of space at disposal and the amount of space possible to dedicate to the closet or wardrobe. Depending on the need a variety of closets can be made.Thus, closets could be large, small, narrow, decorative or just functional. The best aspect about building a closet is that it can be made to fit any shape and comer.

Wall-to-wall closets are easiest to make because the ceiling floor and walls provide one with a fixed dimension to work with. The closet can be made as deep or as narrow as desired, but a 24 inch depth is usually the norm. These closets enable one to have as many shelves as wanted of varying heights and allow one to hang the clothes too.

In-corner closets are ideal for smaller rooms. The space found in between is apt for putting in a bed, desk, or any other furniture. The whole wall looks unified and continuous while giving a built-in effect.

If one needs a space exclusively for accommodating all the linen, then the linen closet perfectly fits that requirement. These are mostly located in the bathroom or hallway and every inch of space should be utilized to the maximum, as the space available is often not much.The closet should be divided into three sections -the top shelf to be used for storing the least used items, the middle shelf for most used and the bottom shelf for larger items like bedding or cleaning items. A room- dividing closet is another type that not only gives more storage space but also it enhances the privacy. Under-eaves closets are made under sloping ceilings that have little headroom. Since the space in these closets is limited, one can have boxes instead of shelves to easily store items.

Walk-in closets are quite popular in foreign countries but these are helpful only if enough space is available for placing them. These serve not only as a storage space but also act as a dressing room. The great advantage of walk-in closets is that they allow one to have a variety of storage spaces in numerous dimensions like drawers, hanging space, shelves, shoe racks etc., Even the ironing table and window seat could be put in, if one is there.

After the advent of modular furniture in the modem era, all aspects of collecting and installing cabinets and closets has become a simple task. What one has to do is to just choose the color and design from the innumerable choices from a catalogue and the sought after closet is ready in no time.

Other Features:
An elementary arrangement normally most miss either to think or incorporate, is the providing of lighting. Any closet should be brightly lit and the position of the light is also important. The light should not be placed at the back of a shelf, for the purpose of the light is to illuminate the contents. The light should be placed towards the front of the closet or even under the top shelf, while the switch should be outside the closet. Shelves are the only way to go for closets-one can use baskets, drawers and tie and belt racks also. Nowadays when the modular furniture is readily available in the market one can quickly and conveniently configure the closet in a variety of ways.

Closets, to utilize them fully:
So as to make more space in the closet, it should be reorganized and should possess several levels for hanging clothes. It should be ensured that the depth of the closet is at least 24 inches. That will have the width which is more than a hanger, for conveniently hanging the clothes.

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