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Freshness, a wonderful feeling that anybody would prefer to give his or her place of dwelling or work place. The art of planning and construction regenerates the freshness and adds all inspirational qualities that the owner of the construction wants to foster his property with. The types of buildings are broadly classified into residential, commercial, institutional and industrial buildings.

The type of design varies accordingly to suit these purposes. Architecture arises from the crumbled, the rubble. The effect of urbanization has given rise to a constant and ever increasing demand to provide people with residences, shopping areas and recreational spaces. Architecture chronicles and responds to these needs.

The culture and heritage of building architecture in India has had a heady mix of influences both architectural and political.These influences have been astute with a cue to unleash all the pent-up creativity. Multiplicity of styles emerged identifying pioneers and trendsetters.The variations in styles, the mutated combinations and revivals are aimed at a perpetual quest in search of tradition coupled with futuristic look.

"Clunky models fail to be feasible except in specialty constructions. We live in an age of trendy ethnical creations coupled with functional excellence." Ethnically constructed models always carry old world charm, but it depends upon the specific end user."Sloped roof, Mangalore tiles, wooden columns, scallops have always been keeping people interested and we have heard from lot of clients to have red oxide flooring."

Design Inspirations:
Evidently this forms the basis of design.The design should be a source of inspiration for those who view it and an instinctive reflection to the owner; both in concordance with nature.The topographical survey decides the nature and choice of materials used peppered with an interesting and effective interplay of light and color. Of all, the regional climate remains one of the most important concerns to be addressed.Though we choose to closely follow the stylish and grand imprints left by the Westerners, Indian climatic conditions determine the suitability and comfort of the construction.

Building technology, building materials, ecology and the regional climate from the bubbling stew of the tools of built forms. Needs are never static. It varies according to individual perceptions and that is where the architect takes on a role of a graphical artist and psychologist.

Image of Future:
Architects belong to a breed of think tanks who plan, shape and put the concrete wasteland to customized construction. They comprehend space and give a sensory perception to the place through their expression of building forms. The architect's job though has an array of diverse activities including the apt choice of location for construction, geometrical layout, electrical and plumbing designs and so on.

The architect should equally be able to communicate his design, stress the value and significance. Architectural expertise depends in striking a common ground of appreciation between the owner and the creator; whereas specialty constructions become glorifying testimonies to marvel at. The architect is in a position to satisfy the needs of the client as well as that of the architectural community.

The owner who sources the project remains the prime architect. Any construction should ultimately serve the owner, have a good infrastructure, strictly fall within framed norms, has built-in safety measures and support services. This business though has never been the territory of a small operator.

Affluent Society:
On the other hand, there is a healthy demand for construction that keeps growing phenomenally. It is a confluence of so many things. People have multiple employment avenues, which brings in affluence: Affluence breeds to travels abroad and consequently in up gradation of living style. This demand has to be put into effective use, catering exactly to the needs of clients. Modern sophistication should not yield to leave the house in a state of becoming a dusty relic.

Modern with Comforts:
There is also ample space in the city to cope up with the demand the city is not totally exploited. There are spaces to be constructed but developments remain clustered around few places. Residences principally reflect the aesthetics whereas industrial buildings and other places of business inculcate a proper mix of aesthetics and feasibility.

Today's construction is very fast and readymade. It is an Agglomeration of speed and availability. Fixtures, frames and panels are all pre-assembled and brought to the site. Apartments have certain imperative application features such as water and waste management appended with in-house facilities like the gym and a pool.

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