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Vaastu is the oldest science of building constructions and selection of sites, for residential as well as commercial purposes. Since early 90's there has been some awareness among the people and today it has become "almost a must" a practice to consult some Vaastu consultants before taking up a construction or moving on to residential dwellings or flats in the cities and metros. Before much is said or written about this beautiful ancient science, it should be clearly understood that nobody can change the destiny of a person. Vaastu does not give any assurance to the individuals of the prosperity or the health of the family, since the prosperity or otherwise is according to the destiny of the individuals which is governed, if one believes, by the planetary positions.

As per our (Indian) traditions, generally prayers are offered and blessings sought before commencing any ventures, going for examinations, before getting into marital propositions or tying a knot. This practice of praying all mighty and seeking blessings of the elders before actually taking up the ventures will have direct bearing on lives. So thinking about the Vaastu principles for betterment of the individuals life styles can simply be equated to following the age old practiceof offering prayers and seeking blessings before commencement of construction or occupying the house.

Vaastu is a science which regulates construction of buildings and their interiors. Vaastu principles ensure harmonious balance between human beings, nature and the environment around. This results in better health, happiness and in turn prosperity. Vaastu tenets are used for building a good, safe and happy homes.

In the present days however it is difficult to follow all the principles laid down in Vaastu Shastra for various reasons. Reasons could be, lack of suitable land in the cities, inadequate funds, and prevailing building bye-laws of the local bodies and in many cases the disbelief in the ancient Shastras and scriptures.
Some people even comment that the Vaastu Shastra is too rigid about the placing of the doors & windows, which according to them is simply not possible to follow. It is often said by some people (who are well placed in life and feel that they don't have any problems) that Vaastu cannot be followed because of various limitations in terms of location, size of the land & the ever-changing situations and the necessities of life.

However such thinking or expressing doubts about the Vaastu principles is simply not acceptable. Vaastu consultants and the pandits are of the firm view that these are affordable and simple ways to alter the living space suitably. The Vaastu principles which are based on five elements namely earth, space, fire, air & water have to be followed to the best advantage. It should be remembered that the very existence of the man is totally dependant on these five elements and is controlled by the said elements. All possible efforts should be made to harness the effects of the five elements. Vaastu main idea is to bring about harmony between the life and the environment around it.

Who would not like to benefit from knowledge, wisdom, health, wealth, strength & happiness! In view of the fact that the Vaastu Shastra regulates the construction of the buildings, whether residential or commercial, it would be wise to remember some of the important regulations or say the basics namely- enjoy the sunlight from the eastern side, place the kitchen in the South East comer, place the beds South-North (with head at South) or East -West directions, have the front door or back door made of a frame of four pieces, store water in the North East comer (sump-borewell) of the site.

Further try to understand the eight directions and their importance. Remember, try not to break or modify the existing houses/buildings but alter them suitably. Breaking and reallocating would be foolish. To justify this a simple example could be: if the kitchen is not in the specified direction, the things like gas stove could be placed in the proper place namely- South East comer of the existing kitchen.

Finally, Vaastu Shastra is nothing but an ancient science of constructions of buildings. Vaastu lays down the principles of building, designing & planning to ensure happy living in the good environment. It would therefore be worthwhile to consult the vaastu experts before commencing construction of any building, there is certainly nothing to lose. A good house built on Vaastu principles certainly gives the peace of mind and ensures harmonious living.

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