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Purchase of Property:
This covers all important topics providing useful information and guidance to investors.  It deals with some of most important topics on purchase of properties such as selection of location, selection of builders, general precautions, revenue sites, gramathana building license, comprehensive development plan, women’s finance, mortgage of immovable property.  The appendix has been especially included giving the model drafts of sale agreement, sale deed, release deed, gift – deed, general power of attorney, public notices and deed of partition.  The topics cover, modes of acquiring immovable property, holding of property by company, partnership firm, Trust and H.U.F. are worth going through, which will enlighten the public and other professionals.  The topic on purchase and transfer by NRIs will enable the NRIs to have better knowledge of the restriction and acquisition of the immovable property.
Purchase of flats:
This is a complete and exhaustive text for purchase of flats which deals with purchase of flats/apartment which is altogether different transaction from that of purchaser of an independent house, which is also governed by the multiple laws, governing immovable property transactions, these aspects have been dealt in a comprehensive and simple manner.

In addition, it deals with the Bangalore apartment scenario, section of location, general precautions, points to remember at the time of purchase offlats/apartments, scrutiny of title deed, selection of builder, agreement to sell, occupancy certificate, mortgage of immovable property, housing co-operative society, acquiring property by share allotment, income tax provisions for sale and purchase, the Karnataka ownership flats Acts 1972.

The Karnataka Apartment ownership Act, 1972 are some of the important topics, which are dealt to give an overall idea to the purchasers of the flats.The annexure at the end of the chapters provides the readers an insight of the terms and conditions that are normally entered by the parties.Model Agreement to Sell and Sale Deed, which form the basic documents for the purchase of flats.

Market Value of Land:
This book contains guidance value of the property in Bangalore as published in the gazette.The special feature of this book is an addition chapter on stamp duty, registration charges and other useful information is included.

The book deals with the latest notification of the estimated market value of the immovable properties coming under the jurisdiction of the various sub-registry offices as specified and published by the government of Karnataka.

The book serves as a ready reckoner, not only to the parties dealing with immovable property, the information with regard to purchase of stamps and registration charges but also the general public, advocates, developers, promoters, property consultants, document writers and real estate agents as well.

The copies of the gazette notification are not easily available to every one.  The book includes latest changes made by the government and a latest text of government notification.

The revised stamp duty payable on some of the instruments as on 1/4/2003 is provided in a nutshell showing the instrument and article showing side by side.

Legal Questions and Answers on Property Matters:
This book has tried to cover the wide range of problems concerning to property transaction questions by the citizens in the form of question and answer.  The book has 210 questions with answers on the following topics namely, Agreement to Sell, Agricultural land, Apartment and Flats, Building Bye laws, Comprehensive Development Plan(CDP), encumbrance, Mortgage, Lease etc., General questions, the book also deals with questions raised pertaining to Housing Finance, Inheritance.

The one important thing to keep in mind is that all these four books are written in simple and straight forward style devoid of legal jargon.

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