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Vaastu science encompasses the knowledge of disciplines like geometry, geology, philosophy and astrology.

Assuming we all are aware of basic features of Vaastu I would like to throw light upon certain facts of the subject which are present in our Vedic scriptures and vaastu science itself but have either been neglected to not followed due to lack of deep study.Having gone into depth of the subject with, my co-practioners,architects and researchers.I have practically brought into use and concluded certain methods that could be followed instead of demolition or renovation.

Lets us start off with a few scenarios posing a problem for the homes owners. As per the vaastu texts, if north west of the premises is west of my premises is weak or defective or negative, the person will have problems in movements of finished goods.He will have tension anxiety etc, so the related planet to North West being Ketu (the presiding God Ketu is Ganesh) Ganesha Yantra should be installed in the North West.

Similarly if Northeast is weak is weak, starting trouble for commencement of any work or Venture might exist,difficulty in arriving atright decision slow pace of the weak etc.The governing planet being Buddha(the presiding god of Buddha is Vishnu)Vishnu Yantra should be installed in the North East, as per the different direction.

It is essentially the art of correct placement. Whereby man can place himself, whereby man can place himself in such a manner so as to absorb the maximum benefits of the five elements (Pancha Bhutas) which are Earth, Water, Light (Sun or fire) Air.Sky as well as the influence of the magnetic fields surrounding the earth.The scientific use of elements creates a perfectly balanced environment which ensures enhanced prosperity healer and well being,Scientific use of elements creates a perfectly balanced environment which ensures enhanced prosperity health and well being.

The Scientists are aware of these energy fields that envelope the earth and have done research on the subject to locate the sources of energy.Our scriptures also reveal that an exact and intimate knowledge of the manipulation of these energy fields can be obtained by various symbols, mantras, yantras, forms and shapes.

Geo biology, a part of modern science explores the science explores the scientific basis to traditional geomantic rules and gives credence to these facts. Every form has energy and the energy level of every symbol or yantra remains the same, irrespective of the material used.The best example is the Swastik and Pyramid which has an energy level of I million Bovis(a unit of energy).

Marma is another basic feature of Vaastu. Marmas are powerful energy points in a Mandala. Corresponding on the nine points of the body,namely Head, Heart,Shoulders,Knees, Sex. Navel and Thigh on which there should be not structure or fire as it would effect these very points on the body of the users of this space.

These Marmasthanas are determined by interception of Vertical Sunrays and Horizontal rays caused by the movement of the earth (rotation) called as Bio Electro Magnetic grid. As per the observation of ancient vaastu studies and application the center portion of the building structure was kept open.A deterrent to ancient Vaastu toda is the fast that a time where space is limited and costly certain structures a Vaastu cannot be followed nor make the kind of the structural changes that Vaastu requires in a pre constructed premises.

The latest study and research in Vaastu address these problems have solutions in the form of Yantra Pyramids, Gems, Vedic Scriptur and Symbols that emit powerful energies equivalent to the nature elements which should be installed at these vital am critical Marmasthanas.

The governing features Vaastu Shastra that enable to absorb the maximum benefits of the nature thrau positive energies flowing around are:-
•Shape of the plot.

•Geometry of the building.

•Effect of the direction, orientation, inclination.

•Effect of Ultra-violet rays, infrared rays,Bio-Electromagnetic rays, thermal, chemical, electronic rays.

•Surrounding atmosphere and eco structure.

In order to achieve the benefit of these effects one should either demolish and reconstruct as per the law of Vaastu or construct the building as per Vaastu rules and laws which is impractical in today's lifestyles. Hence the usage of Yantras,Colors,Iconography,Pyramidology,Geomancy, Vedic scriptures and Symbols is very beneficial and convenient.

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