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Residences are not lifeless and inanimate structures. The living spaces inside homes reflect the style of thinking and inner mind of those living there. Attractive additions always enhance the charm of the place. Inmates of the home and including the family members could feel the changed mood and positive vibration. It will be not only a visual treat but an experience for all the senses.

Feeling the Personal Thatch:
Recall people you remember with affection. They smile, they look you in the eye, they reach out, and they open a small window into their hearts for you. It's called the personal touch and it makes all the difference. What goes for people goes also for the houses they live in. A beautiful interior done in impeccable taste reflect the warmth of your relationships, the energy of your children, and the laid-back attitude of your spouse. And it is very easily done.

Band Prints:
One of the quickest ways to do this is framed hand prints. Take a blank sheet of ivory paper and a box of acrylic colors. Let each member of your family pick their favorite color. Spread the color on a plastic plate, dip one hand in it palm down and make a print on the ivory sheet.

Once all the prints are done, let might make a beautiful house but the paint dry and get it an attractively unless it bears the stamp of the people colored wooden frame. Voila! Your who live in it, it won't really count for work of art is ready. Three hand prints as a home. Your living space should on a sheet labeled Amma, Appa and have your touch on it. It should reflect Putta or Mummy, Daddy and the person you are, the funny group of Saransh look beautiful and will characters your family is.

It is your always invite a smile and a comment home; it should have your stamp. If from your guests. To add variety you want to do this, just let your home could change the color or texture of the material you are using as a base. Handmade paper looks very artistic. A plank of plywood can look good too. If you want you can even give it a coat of paint and then do the handprints in contrasting colors or colors matching the scheme of your curtains or cushions.

Budding Artists:
If you have toddlers in the house or even older children who love to draw and play with colors, let them paint a picture and do a sketch or more each. Get these framed and put together in an assorted cluster behind the dining table or even on the bedroom wall. Given an open hand, kindergarten kids are the best at this. Try it. Untidy crayon sketches look very cute and your kids will be filled with pride and confidence at this public display of their work.

Photos For Ever:
All of us have cameras these days. Digital cameras are by far the best. The next holiday you go for, take unlimited pictures of the family tight close ups, smiling faces, warm hugs. While doing this, just keep in mind two things: take the pictures near dawn or dusk when the sun is out yet not very harsh; and let the sun be behind you. If you take about 15 shots, one is sure to be a masterpiece.Get this one enlarged and printed. You could even go as big as poster size.

Depending on the mood of your interiors, it could even be done in black and white or sepia tones.Add a thick white frame and you have a gorgeous and classy wall piece ready. Lamination is another option, and frames in fluorescent colors can add a lot of life and energy. Let this print hang alone on one wall and get ready to rake in the compliments.

Another way of doing the same thing is to make a collage of about 20 smaller pictures. Get this framed and hang it from a nail on a wooden doors or the kitchen. Happy family photographs are therapeutic as well. Instead of lying in albums that we seldom get time to open, they are hanging there in our face. They serve as a reminder of the happy times you have had together and in times of stress and excess workload, help to bring a smile to your face and a warm glow to your relationships.

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