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Vaasthu is a technical subject and with a proper understanding of the interpretations and logical reasoning, many of the confusions and contradictions can be overcome.

Vaastu in Sanskrit means “Place of dwelling” and originates from the Vedas. “Veda” itself means Knowledge. Vaastu originated from one of the four Vedas known as the “ATHARAVANA VEDA”.

Vaastu also asserts through Vedic Philosophy that “Everything is interconnected.”

Vaasthu Purusha

As in other religions, Vaastu also has its many myths from Hinduism and one such thing is the Vaastu Purusha. The ancient texts say that the Vaastu Purusha - a human body with its head at East and arms stretched depict the various organs like bones, heart, blood vessels etc. The diagonal lines especially from NE to SW are the energy carriers. These points are most vital and need to be considered very carefully prior to putting up any structure.

The concept of Harmony vs. Disharmony in any plot needs to be analysed which is depicted by the “Vaastu Purusha” or “Demon Faced God”. Any mis-alignment or disturbance to vital area gives rise to energy imbalance and could be termed as a Vastu defect. The equivalent of the Vastu Purusha in FENGSHUI is the Dragon. The relevant deities and the elements as depicted below identify the 8 directions.

Vaastu originated with temple architecture and design. Today it is a very scientific and mathematical approach to construct a good building.The Sthapatya Veda deals with Temple Architectutre and the basic classification would be based on the application. Vaastu and Agama are two cultural sciences that have been in vogue in the land of Bharata from very ancient times.

Vaastu is an ancient Hindu Science, over 6000 years old, which creates harmony in a place when the orientation and placements are perfect. The Indian mythological ages Krita, Satya, Dwapar and Kali are in fact accounts of rise and fall of virtuous qualities through various period of history of life. Considering these aspects, the validity of Vastushastra rules can easily be traced to the laws of nature itself. The five basic elements of Vaastu are Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth and they exist not only inside us but around us too. The elements are also related to specific corners in a site. Vaastu corrections could be said to be based on aligning the elements and are not disturbed.

The following are some of the tips on vaastu

Always open your bedroom windows for at least 20 minutes a day to allows fresh energy to come in. If not, you will be sleeping with stale energy every night. And if that happens, then how can you expect your life to let more good fortune to come to you. The bed should always be one foot above the ground to facilitate free flow of energy on the bedroom floor. Restriction in the flow of energy would also curtail your wealth earning chances. 

A clear desk encourages clear thinking. It also helps boost monetary energy and creativity. The desk should be used to house the computer, phone and current paperwork. Anything else has to be considered carefully. Make sure all clocks within your house are in working order. If not, fix them or give them away, Clock, which do not work bring your finances to stand still. Slow clocks signify that you are behind your due date always. 

The money safe of the house should be in the southwest corner of the entire building. In your personal room, keep it in the southwest corner of the room's floor space. 

Ensure that the taps in your bathroom or kitchen do not drip. The constant dripping produces negative energy. Dripping taps signify leaking wealth. Blocked plumbing indicates blocked financial energy somewhere in the occupant's life. Clean up all your drains and ensure proper outflow of wastewater. 

Never leave dirty dishes in the sink. Wash them as soon as you can. But not cleaning up as soon as possible shows a sense of incompleteness and disorganization in your finances. Breezy windows will assist the flow of energy in bathrooms and toilets. Otherwise toilets can actually pollute energy. We have to encourage the speedy flow of energy here, wash away the pollution and replace the energy as quickly as possible. 

Sweeping the floor should be done towards the inside of the house. Never direct your cleaning actions towards the main door. This will cause a reduction in wealth. Brooms and mops are contraptions, which are involved in the removal of things. Keep them out of sight and preferably upside down. This will prevent the family's livelihood from being swept away.

Do not have toilets above the main entrance. They generate negative energies, which will interfere with the positive energies entering through the main entrance. 

There should be no shoes or slippers lying scattered around the main door of the house. Allow the space at the main door to be free and clear. The energy that rides with the wind will be corrupted with the dirt and smell of shoes and slippers and while entering your house will cause losses.

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