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Tables are the most essential additions to any home. Though their main function is functional, their aesthetic appeal could never be thought of lightly. For they are the first to receive the attention of any one stepping into the house. At times plain and at times partly covered or some objects of art placed on them, by any combinations tables look splendidly simple and instantly eye-catching.

Setting them in style:

Every home uses different kinds of furniture in its various rooms. Some of the furniture may require extra care to keep them looking good while others might need some embellishment. While you can place artifacts and accessories on some, others could do with table cloths and table runners. These enhance the look of ordinary table and also the décor around. The choice of the kind of table-cloth depends on the over all décor scheme and the kind of furniture it supports.

Short Tables:

While most side tables are short and have self-designs, you can opt to give them a different look with a table runner. Otherwise, you could even place a shoft flannel cloth on top of the table. If you have a nature or a flower theme, this will go well with a wicker table. You could also opt for silk table cloths. Light coloured ones generally look good with wicker side tables having a glass top. Table cloths in rich colours like plum go well when spread on dark wood tables.

It is easy to decorate centre tables as anything will look good on them. You can have sequined silk and crocheted covers for glass topped ones, flannel, cotton or Persian table runners for marble topped ones, and colourful ethnic ones. They can be selected based on whether you want it to stand out or include colours and materials that are part of the décor in play.

Tables in Wood:

Wooden tables do well with plastic or cotton tablecloths in white or off-white shades. These will look good especially if they have self prints. The stark contrast that white lends to dark wood makes it the focal point in a room with dark wooden furniture.

Table runners can also be in white with some designing. Avoid dark colours as they make the furniture look heavy and also give the appearance of lesser room. For furniture in light coloured wood like teak or oak, you can have crocheted table covers that fall over, in light shades like cream and white.

Tables with glass tops and wood legs could have crocheted wool covers if you have employed an eclectic theme. If it’s contemporary theme, then you can have the thinner one with a crystal vase on top. Tables with elaborate detailing like elephants, dolphins or heavy carving on the legs can have a round crocheted cover. This will give a charming look on the top and the table legs will also be seen. The same kind of cover could be used for a tall cabinet used to keep crockery and cutlery. While the crockery can be displayed with glass fronted shelves, the cover can be allowed to fall over the sides.
Dining Table:

The most unique covers are possible with dining tables. These days, the varieties in table cloths is stunning, ranging from plastic with self prints, laminates, table runners to embroidered and sequined ones.

You can either have a long table, a rectangular one (six seater), or a round table. You could team up table covers either with the table or with the table and the over all decor style. If you have an ethnic décor style like Rajasthani, the table can sport a traditional colourful Rajasthani cotton printed spread. This will go very well with long and rectangular wood tables. A round one should have a big round print in the or plain at the centre and prints along the border. Some table cloths have purposely frayed edges or tassels that lend a striking look to the table.

During parties, round and long tables can be dressed in a complementary manner. If it is a formal get-together, the round tables will be used for seating and the long ones for arranging the food. One option is to cover the round tables with silk table covers in deep colours and the long table in white silk with swathes of gold-coloured cloth in the same material or a different one. Another one is to switch this arrangement so that the focus is on the round table.
Types in Tables:

Home furniture comes in a wide variety ranging from sofas, chairs, divans, ottomans, to beds and tables. The table, in its many shapes and sizes is the most functional of all the furniture. Tables are used for different and varied purposes. Therefore, they require planning and care while deciding on the design and style. The choice of material and the shape of the table are also important. “Teak and laminated wood are evergreen, people always prefer them”.
Tables of various shapes and sizes are designed for specific uses:

 Bed-writing table – this is a handy, light weight table specially designed to study or even dine on the bed. It comes in a size of two inches by four inches. Generally, made of rubberwood, it is easy to move around and serves well for informal get-togethers and outdoors.

Coffee table – A coffee table is a low table designed for use in a living room, in front of a sofa, for convenient placement of drinks, books or artifacts. It usually comes in glass, teak wood or a combination of both. You can customize your table with pebbles or even artificial gems.

Centre table – A centre table is generally placed in front of the sofa set and is used for general purposes. You can place a centre table book on it apart from artifacts and decorative vases. These books are large and are designed to be placed on the centre table as a decorative piece. Tables with a glass top finish and ceramic designs are quite popular now-a-days.

 Dining table – A dining table is a table designed to be used for normal dining. This table accommodates four to six people around it. At present, the dining tables with glass tops are the trend. A pure six inches by three inches standard wooden table is rarely used due to its high manufacturing and maintenance cost.

While buying dining tables with a wooden top, stay away from the Chinese wood variety which is least durable.

Nest of tables – A nest of tables is a table within a table, a sort of nested loop of tables. The latest in the nest of tables are available in both glass and wood.

Console table – A console table is used as a dressing table. This table comes up with a huge mirror on the wall and a large platform for placing cosmetics. It is made using carbon wood and teak.

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