Tuesday, 11 August 2015



It is an accepted truth that every person aspire to have his own Dream Home and it is not an exaggeration even if it is termed as Life Time Achievement to a common man.

Among st other things, first and foremost is that the Builder/Developer of a house/flat should ensure that the Purchaser who approaches him shall have abundant happiness in having acquired the House/Flat, and not only to himself but also to his family and his relatives shall have a peaceful life. 

The Builder/Developer need not do any magic, or compromise in his legitimate earnings, but it would suffice if he is honest and shall avoid malpractices such as using low quality material for construction, not following the laid down rules and regulations of Statutory Authorities and should not be greedy and exploit the situation and harass the Purchaser.

The Builder/Developer shall get benefited from the Purchaser who is happy since he shall not only bless the Builder/Developer but will canvass for his business resulting which the business shall prosper and enable the Builder/Developer to reach a new scale of heights besides becoming more wealthy and influential.

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