Saturday, 29 August 2015


It is through cracks in the hard rock almost 100 feet below water is drawn to the surface through borewells. Some very deep borewells exist in Bangalore. In order to lift the water from such a depth, more energy is required.

There are two plain methods of recharging the borewells. One is the surface spreading technique in which water is accumulated in tanks or ponds or lakes and this slowly infiltrates into underground where it finally reaches the borewells. Another method is knows as the point recharge technique and it is more useful for apartments and individual homes. Rooftop rainwater or surface water is accumulated and made to sink-in near the borewell through recharged wells. Perforations are sometimes made in the casing of the borewell so that the water gets into the casing to reach the cracks from where water is being drawn.

Rooftop rainwater has the least likelihood of being contaminated so it is preferable to recharge a borewell with this kind of water. It is also a good practice to recharge all borewells which had an abundant yield earlier but are now yielding less or those which had some yield but have now run dry. There is no need to recharge a borewell which is already yielding well.

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