Saturday, 8 August 2015


No man - made structure can be expected to be free from defects, and be able to withstand nature for long. This rule is applicable to houses and buildings too. Some unexpected defect somewhere, some miscalculation, or some carelessness is enough to cause major mishaps.

The concrete cracks, and the plaster starts peeling off. These are some of the common problems in all buildings.

· If the concrete cracks, the defective portion should be removed without damaging the rest. The structure undergoing repairs must be supported using proper supports.

· The defective concrete should be removed or chipped off completely.

· If the steel bars have rusted badly a structural engineer should be consulted, and the structure should be strengthened using new steel rods.

· The entire surface to be repaired must be cleaned, and all defective material should be removed.

· If concrete or mortar is used, the amount of water added must be properly controlled. A lower water to cement ratio means that the concrete or plaster will be less porous and more durable.

. If several layers have to be repaired as in the case of plaster, each layer must be well cured with water or curing compounds.

Cosmetic Problems

If a house is 18 to 20 years old, you will start having problems with its looks. Very often the cement plaster will start peeling off. Most people just get the house whitewashed, without replacing the old plaster.

It is better to try out a branded paint putty on the walls instead of unbranded ones. The white, cement-based putty will offer additional strength to the plaster, and it will also make the walls, smoother and water resistant. This wall cure putty plays the dual role of acting as a paint putty and replacing POP.

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