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Vaastu Shastra for Non-residential buildings

In this article what is explained is about the vastushastra applicable for educational institutions and some other non-residential buildings.
If the following vaastu principles are followed, it will help the teachers and the students to a large extent. The teachers of schools, colleges and other educational institutions mould the students for shaping their lives and help to establish them in life. Naturally the institutions should have the necessary environment for studying. It would be better and desirable that the students also know about this ancient science viz vaastushastra.

Vaastu principles applicable for educational institutions, in brief are as follows:

  • The land should be sufficiently big and rectangular or square in shape. The compound should be constructed for the entire land.
  • Water sources should as far as possible be located in the northern part or eastern part of the land.
  • The class rooms may be preferred in the north or north-east. The black boards in the class rooms can be better located in the east so that the teacher can face east while using the board. Teacher should avoid facing south or south-west. In other words the students can face either east or north.
  • The administrative block could be in the south-east or north-east side with doors opening towards north or east.
  • Library and laboratory may be in the west. The bathrooms & toilets may be in north-west. Store room can be in south or south-west.
  • The meeting hall, conference hall and main hall should be necessarily located in the north.
  • The principal's or Head Master's cabin should be located in south-west corner. The staff room could be in north-west. Accountants room can be in north or east.
  • The play ground should be in the north. Swimming pool could be located in north-east. South-east corner can be used for putting up a canteen.
  • The class rooms should have good ventilation and natural light or alternatively should be well lit.
  • If the institution has a hostel building it should normally be provided in south or south-west. The students should be made to sleep with their head to the south-east or east. Using north for sleeping (keeping the head to the north) should be avoided.
  • The dining hall should be in the west with its kitchen in the south-east. 
  • Gymnasium – heavy exercise machines and equipments should be kept in south or south-west. North or north-east should be left empty or least used for keeping heavy materials. Maximum opening should be provided there for allowing all the positive energies entering from the north or north-east.
  • Petrol pumps – The vaastu principles applicable for location of petrol pumps in brief are as follows:
  • The petrol and diesel storage below the ground level should be in south or south-west.
  • The cabin for the manager should be located in south-west or north-west.
  • The canopy should never be in north or north-east.
  • The north or north-east could be used for locating repairs, etc.
  • The emergency exit door could be located in south-west or north-west with a fire extinguisher beside the door.

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