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Effective use of Vaastu Shastra

 Effective use of Vaastu Shastra

Vaastu Shastra, a science of environment, harmony and energy can be very effectively used for all projects in order to grant peace, harmony and prosperity to the development as well as to the residents of the projects.
Vaastu can be used effectively for new construction activities and also for projects that are already designed and contractors merely have to carry out the construction as per the schedule without any changes.
The following points explain as to how Vaastu can be effectively used to generate positive energy and Better Results.

Date of Construction

Date of the Start of construction is very important for any construction activity to begin. Auspicious dates bring out better results. Some of the few considerations are given below

• The Nakshatras Rohini, Mrigshira, Chitra, Hasta, Swati, Anuradha, Uttarashdah, Uttar Bhadrapad, Uttar Falguni, Dhanishtha, Shatbhisha and  Revati are good for starting the house construction work.
• Days - Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are good days to start construction work. Sunday or Tuesday should be avoided.
• Construction started in Shukla Paksha brings happiness, while that in Krishna Paksha is not considered too auspicious.

Clearing & leveling of the Land

Clearing of the land of thorny plants / dead trees and rocks is necessary before any construction activity is to start. Proper leveling with certain portion of the land a bit higher than the other creates a very good flow of cosmic energy thus ensuring uninterrupted construction activity and proper flow of finance.

Shanku Sthapana (Vastu Pooja)

SHANKU means energy converted and Shanku Sthapana is the Pooja done for laying the foundation stone and praying to the SHANKU, which plays a very important role to remove the negative radiation/energy from the piece of land. Different people use different shankus. Pooja is offered to this Shanku and then it's buried in the exact mid-point of the plot, as it is believed that any form of energy moves towards the center/midpoint of the plot and having a Shanku buried there will ensure suppressing the negative energy thus avoiding any harm to the construction activity.

Starting point of Construction

As per the principles of Vaastu Shastra, the starting point of construction is very crucial. Construction is generally beneficial when started from the South-East portion and moved in a clockwise manner. This will ensure smooth construction activities.
Placement of the Builders/Contractor's Office
Every builder/contractor builds a temporary site office at the construction site. Proper placement of this office at the site, including sitting arrangements of the contractor/managers etc facing the best directions enhance the energy level of the persons working on the project. This helps in getting better results from the staff and managers working on the Project.
The best placement is the south or the West of the site. With the owner/builder/manager sitting facing East and rest of the staff sitting facing North.

Placement of machinery/construction material

Proper placement of the machinery and construction material is also very crucial to generate positive energy and ensures favorable movement of the project. Electric machinery will give positive results when placed in the Agni Sthan. Other materials like sand and bricks should be placed on the Prithvi Sthan or the South. Placement of temporary water tanks for construction is of utmost important as water is a powerful form of ENERGY. They should at no cost be placed in the South – West. This will definitely cripple the project.

Staircase and internal arrangements

In Vaastu Shastra there is a mention about staircases and about internal arrangements. In the modern buildings, for want of sufficient space, it is absolutely necessary to think about spacing the staircases as most of the buildings are built with a number of floors. In the urban areas or big cities in particular, these days, multi-storey buildings are built and it now therefore is appropriate to know about the provision of staircases and other internal arrangements at the designing / planning stage.

Staircase location

The staircase should as far as possible be located to the west or north. It should be however avoided in the North-East direction. The following points may be noted in particular provision.

North-North East

North-North east is considered as below average.


·           Southeast–Northwest is considered as below average.
·           South is considered as excellent
·           East is considered as below average
·           West is considered as excellent
·           South West is considered very good.
If the staircase is in the northeast, under certain circumstances the negative effect, if any, can be rectified by providing a room in South-West at a higher level than the staircase roof.

Study Room

Provision of separate room for study is necessary these days as much as kitchen or living room space in the house. According to Vaastu Shastra, study room can be put up in the areas suggested.

· North, East & North-west:-These areas are considered as very good.
· North East:- Considered as excellent
· South & South west:- Considered as below average
· West & South East:- Considered as below average

Pooja Room

Pooja room should necessarily be provided in the northeast corner. However, alternately, it can be placed in the centre of a building. Pooja room should be built in such a way that the idols could be placed in the east or west but never towards north or south.
There should be no door for entry to Pooja room from the bedroom. There should be no provision in Pooja room for keeping any heavy articles. The Pooja room should not have any window or ventilator in the roof. Only white or yellow shades should be used for painting Pooja room.


Kitchen is generally to be located in south east corner of the house or a flat. The platform or kitchen table should necessarily be in the southeast corner.
A platform for other uses like placing of electrical appliances like mixies, grinders, microwave, heaters etc can be put up adjacent to the main platform along the south wall of the kitchen.
Kitchen entrance can be from north-east and west. Window towards east and west are preferable. There should be a separate space for storing the food articles etc. in the south or west. The refrigerator should be placed in the south, south-east, west or north of the kitchen.  Black and white colours should be used as far as possible in the kitchen.

Dining Room

In every house, there will be a specific area meant for dining. This is the only area where all the members of the family will be meeting at the time of lunch / dinner.
The area has to be according to vaastu specifications. If not, according to vaastu, it is likely that the food consumed may not give good results. 
It is not absolutely necessary to have a separate dining room / hall. Both kitchen and dining area can be in one room. However, it should not be in front of the main entrance door of the house. A beam above the dining hall should be avoided.


These days, it has become absolutely necessary to provide toilets inside the houses/apartments. Vaastu shashtra prefers the toilets to be outside the house which is neither feasible nor possible in the present days. It is however desirable to consider the following few guidelines.

· The doors of the bed room, bathroom and toilet should never be in a straight line
· The floor of the toilet should be below the floor level of the bedroom.
· The doors of the toilets should always be kept closed
· Bathrooms can be along the full length of the bedroom.
· Toilets and bathrooms always have negative energy. It is desirable for it to be a separate room though within the bedroom.

· Mirrors in the toilet should not face the door directly.

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