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False Ceiling adds True Charm

 False Ceiling adds True Charm

When you have a good ceiling, one would wonder what is the need for a false ceiling. False ceiling enhances the beauty of the interior space, where the services like electrical wires or cables passing through the ceiling can be concealed that gives a neat look. False ceiling provides good designs to homes, offices and commercial spaces.
There are different kinds of false ceilings like gypsum board ceiling, grid ceiling, specialty ceiling and decorative ceiling.

Gypsum Board Ceiling

It is created out of gypsum particles, which is suspended on a galvanised iron framework. It is non-structural and doesn't take any weight. Gypsum board ceiling can be moulded in any shape or size. It can be painted with any colour to give a good finish. Wallpapers can also be used for gypsum board ceiling. It is normally used in residential and corporate offices and showrooms. It has poor acoustical properties and it is difficult to open for services.

Grid Ceiling

It is commonly used in the commercial and industrial interiors. It is generally moulded with aluminium or steel panels or strips that fit together. It is fabricated to facilitate wiring and lighting. It comes in a wide array of finishes like power coated, perforated, brushed or ribbed. Grid ceiling is a costly affair but extremely easy to use and can be conveniently maintained. It has very good acoustic properties. Some of the types of grid ceiling are mineral fibre, PVC and metal.

Mineral Fibre

The mineral fibre board is a high-grade interior decorative material. It is made up of slag or volcano ash, which is a raw material. This raw material undergoes processing, burdening and storming then drawing, cutting, surface finishing and spray coating to get the final product. It has a very good acoustic property, easy to install, fire retardant and high moisture assistant. There is a point to be noted that if the right type of mineral fibre board is not installed, the particles may disintegrate in air conditioning while cutting the title and when the air is inhaled it would cause lung problems.


It is light weight, moisture free and the surface is ultra-violet stable and will not discolour. It also solves the problem of unhygienic ceiling. It is used in petrol pumps or airports, where the ceilings are high. It is water proof, termite proof, economical and maintenance free. Easy to install and comes in the form of clip on system. The grids will not be seen because of the screws.


It is almost similar to the PVC. It is used in the big areas. It is expensive and it doesn't have any acoustic quality. This can be used in toilets.

Specialty Ceiling

Some places require being a bacterial free, like research and development and health care. For this kind of ceiling, one can go for specialty ceiling. It is widely used in lab rooms. This ceiling has an entrance only from outside. There is no need to get into the room to service the false ceiling. This is a bacterial free ceiling.

Decorative Ceiling

Glass, acrylic and wood ceiling is used for rich interior ambience. It adds grandness to the interior space. It can be backlit for bold segment like reception and lobby where brand colours from the company logos are used. It is expensive. Acrylic is cheaper than glass.

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