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Develop your garden

 Develop your garden

People who are sensitive to the beauty of nature will find the garden to be a heaven of visual delights. There are different elements in the garden design. Gardens include many attempts in décor that add to their natural attractiveness, besides the usual flowers and greenery that are present.

Arches add to the natural contours of the garden better than many linear shapes would. Its origin goes back innumerable years in building construction. Used at entrances in the garden or in niches in walls it can beautify the place. Potted plants or planters can be kept in such places or statues will add variety. Sloping roofs, clay finishes and rough textures all add to the rustic touch in its simplicity. The same shape can be used with creepers in openings, a mosaic on the wall or the entrance to a gazebo.

Pergolas are made with columns or beams in which it is possible to have many decorative opportunities. A wooden pergola would blend with the environment as it is one with the surrounding foliage. Using granite, marble or concrete is another option. Elegance and beauty are the qualities which the stone lends to the garden. A pergola can be used to cover a deck though it may be partially exposed to the elements. Special pavements with inlaid mosaics, plants and statues as well as water urns could be under the pergola.

Columns usually play a utilitarian role in a garden but may be touched up to add beauty. The light post may be of cast iron with decorative surface work and the right shape should be selected. Trailing creepers midway up their length will look artistic. Stone columns that support pergolas and roofs can have ornate pedestals and capitals. If you have wooden pillars they should be sturdy ones. Half columns could be mounted on walls or could act as a frame for waterspouts, statues or mosaics.

Clay decorations can add a warm touch to the garden. Animal figurines, bells, birdbaths and lanterns will be ideal to beautify the area along with wind chimes and hanging objects. Water bodies in metal and ceramic containers with flowers and floating candles are a novel idea. Large gardens may include waterfalls and fountains with boulders and pebbles added in.

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