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New Techniques in Interior Decor

 New Techniques in Interior Decor
Almost everyone likes to decorate their homes or offices with natural greenery not only for its aesthetic appeal, but also for its oxygen enriching quality. However, for certain reasons and in some places people cannot opt for the natural kind of greenery, but must go in for the artificial variety.
If one goes into any home decor or design store they will be able to find much kind of green plants including plastic one and flowers and ferns made of glass and silk. Artificial trees are also a good choice that is available these days. The main ones are bamboo and palm, which are much used in houses, offices, hostels and spas. Stylish terracotta, metal or ceramic containers can be used to contain these plants and trees as they improve the visual appeal. One could even keep a row of them in a sand bed and decorate it with pebbles of marble and beads scattered around.
If one chose the plant of a good brand or a designer product it is sure to resemble the real thing very closely. Many varieties, sizes and shapes are available of these artificial greeneries. There may be a variation in the tree trunk or fronds and their way of branching out. The tall ones are normally placed in corners or outdoors areas where parties are held and there are small ones to use on the desktop. A vast range is there for one’s use. A tall tree should be placed in a large room with plenty of space so that, if blends with the room decor. Prices of these would depend on the height and weight of the three, its foliage, the diameter of the trunk, quality of the material used and how real or natural its appearance is.
If one is allergic to pollen and are fearful of insects and if they are interested in greeneries, they may go ahead with these artificial greenery. Keep two large artificial palm trees installing them in the big drawing cum dining room. For the same reason one may keep glass and silky flowers in flower vases all over the home.
In some families, the members travel throughout the year and as a result don’t much time to look after greenery in the home and it withers away because of lack of maintenance. A couple of Software Professionals, who had a busy travel schedule keep many palm trees next to some bamboo clusters in various parts of the home such as the drawing room, verandah and porch and in their gazebo. Apart from watering the plant, even fallen leaves have to be cleared away and dirt marks on the floor or carpet have to be cleaned. For all this, they just didn’t have the time. Other hassles of trimming and fertilising the tree are avoided in this way.
Artificial plants and trees are very attractive to most people because of the factor of low maintenance. The good variety needs little attention and lasts long. It is also treated chemically in order to repeal insects and indoor pollution.
Many times guests are not able to discern that the tree and plants are not real. They give an intriguing touch to the interiors and gazebos, verandahs and porches. Even those people, who keep natural greenery in their home and have no problem with it, anyway, they like to opt for artificial trees.
One of the easiest ways to add a personal touch to one’s home decor is through framed hand prints. All one has to do is to take a blank sheet of ivory paper and a box of acrylic colours. Each member of one’s family can choose their favourite colour. They can spear this colour on a plastic plate and dip one hand in it with the palm down making a print on the ivory sheet.
After getting all the prints allow the paint to dry and put it in an appealing wooden frame. They will have three hand prints on a sheet with the label: “Mummy, Daddy and Putta”. It will not only look lovely, it will bring a smile to the faces of their guests. One could change the colour or texture of the base material for variety. Handmade paper or a plank of plywood would give an artistic touch. A coat of pain and contrasting colours that go with the curtains or cushions is another idea.
It’s the personal touch that makes the difference to one’s home. If the inside home is beautiful decorated with perfect taste, it may be a house but not a home, as it wouldn’t not have their stamp on it. The person they are and the odd group of characters that make up their family should be reflected in it.
In the next holiday they may go with their family, take several pictures of family close-ups with smiles, hugs etc., in them. It will be better to do it at dawn or dusk. Out of the entire shots one should take atleast a good one. They should enlarge it and get it printed as poster size. When they put it in a thick white frame and they will have a classy wall piece for their room. They can try lamination or fluorescent framers.
Should there be toddlers in one’s home? If yes one can allow them to paint the picture and do a sketch or both. These could be framed and keep in a cluster behind the dining table. Just supply the crayons and paper to kindergarten kinds and watch while they do it.
They could also get a collage of smaller pictures, frame it and hang it on a wooden door. These will be therapeutic; as those will be a reminder of the times they were happy and also they enrich their relationships. Let the living room mirror them and their family with all their idiosyncrasies and individuality.

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