Wednesday, 16 July 2014


Always classic elegance combined with comfort and originality, outlasts all other types of styles. Its style being easy, simple and uncomplicated, it attracts every one's attention and admiration and it turns into a trend setter. Its nature gives it an enduring look. Furnishings like curtains, loose covers, upholstery, throws and assorted rugs when switched around, mixed and matched, produce a sense of variation and vibrant energy.

Judicious addition of colors transforms the overall look.When dashes of bright colored shades and monochromes are added,we get a color extravaganza waiting to happen. Using throws and colored cushions will add life to the room. Golden colored washed walls make for a sunny background and go well with a deep blue and sea green checked sofa.

The look of enchanting beauty or the dull monotony of the interiors of a house largely depends upon the selection of furniture. The charm of colonial furniture is a sure-fire choice as it goes well with any kind of color themes. Some people still prefer to opt for polyurethane-coated furniture, an amalgamation of Japanese, Italian and Shaharanpur styles, with floral carving mounted on curvy moldings.

Different techniques could be used in designing a room and thereby giving it a particular look. For the living room, one can go back to looking at old design trends, when furniture had to belong to a 'set' and the sofa had to have 'matching' single seaters - more often than not in leather. Dense geometric shapes for wood work or diversely diametric heavily carved loveseats; over-ornate sofa chairs which look like the thorns placed for the bride and bridegroom to sit on at a wedding reception.All these are heavy and considered unnecessary.

The mental outlook of the way of looking as it needs to be changed. The conventional outlook has been formed by having looked at it for so long and getting accustomed to it. This has to be changed. In small apartments, a bedroom cannot be looked upon as a place to just sleep in at night, it also needs to act as a lounge, an area where one can relax and get away from the anguish of big city life. There is a general tendency to ignore lofts, passages, comers, foyers and corridors.In fact, if enough attention is paid to these niche areas, they can enhance the appearance of the house.

Areas such as columns and brackets-nooks are also usually ignored. If they are treated with creativity they could get transformed into fanciful focal points that make a home good looking. This could be achieved by thoughtfully using pendulum lamps, swathes of drapery and surrealistically exaggerated scenes complementary fanciful artificial foliage and throw rugs.

Most of the people consider the bathroom to be unimportant and a place simply meant for the apparent purpose of cleansing, but it is more than that. In actual reality, it is telltale benchmark of the owner's eye for detail. Well-placed mirrors, simple color schemes,and see-through shower stalls make for an airy, spacious bathroom. Decorating the bathroom with a false ceiling is an outmoded practice. Nowadays it is not in vogue.

Kitchens had always been and continues to be an interesting arena of design - accommodating a fridge, a fold up dining table, a cooking range, an array of overhead cupboards for placing everything from crockery to salt and pepper shakers, a book shelf, a unique hand cut mug rack and other bric-a-brac in a small area will be really challenging but is possible and quite easy if planned properly.

The room one is using could be made to look more better with candles, muted lights, flowers in baby pink and passionate red. When these candles are lighted, the sheers spread out and along with special floral table linen more zest and vivacity fills in the ambience giving a whole new look to the room.


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