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Living room is an area of a house where the members of the family sit together and spend time. It is also a place where the family members entertain their friends.This part of the house is important and must be decorated in a special way. If you are not sure about the design structure of the room, consult various designing books and design a layout for your living room so that living room decor will be easier and faster.
Color combination
Color combinations play important role in creating a new look for your living room and hence smart selection of colors will instantly give you good feeling. You can choose contrast like black and white or one bolder shade with other lighter hues of the same shade.There are many designer wall treatments available in the market which can instantly give that contemporary or modem look for your living room. 

Second thing is the accessories; try to choose the accessories that seem to stand out to you the most. Unique and bold pieces will definitely help you enhancing the look of the living room instantly.The room should not be crowded with furniture and artifacts to avoid a heavy end effect.The appearing should be one of warmth and too much display may give a cold and commercial look.Just one or two costly pieces kept in the right places would give the message.There should be free movement with the seating arrangement.
If the flooring for the living room is not ready yet and you do not have time to change that, carpets or modem rugs available in various shapes and sizes in the market is the best option for you. Try to mix and match things so that you can avoid unnecessary shopping and wasting your time for the things you do not need. 

When deciding on the type of furniture to fit in a room the nature of the occupant, the kind of use it is put to and the budget have to be kept in mind. The other side that has to be considered is the shape and size of the room.According to the function of the room you have to build the seating. After deciding the concept you can take or ornate as long as it is functional. If there is a television the arrangement should be around the TV. If it is for conversation the chairs should be clustered according to that. There need not be a coffee table or display unit in the living area.The display unit does not have to be a traditional one but can be a plank jutting out of a wall in an aesthetic way, and then the wall becomes the display area. 
For a typical high-end formal living room one could have two to three seating arrangements. For this the space should be large. A different material to bring in variety and emphasize an opulent setting could be used for each arrangement. A small room will only allow one type of seating arrangement. According to the budget you could have leather, wood or cane seating. Hand painted blinds could be used instead of curtains and it will appear like a painting on the wall. 

As the cost of wooden furniture is not too much it would come into the mid-segment category although if it is solid wood it would be costly. You should preferably use dark wood to accentuate the decor. There can be two and three seating arrangements with nestle tables and coffee tables. There can be a planter in the comer with imitation paintings as the originals would not fit into the budget. The setting would take on an opulent look with a woolen carpet, crystals and artifacts on a display unit and coffee table. Pinewood and rubber wood can be used to bring down the cost. 

Cheap metal furniture can look classy too and will go well with soft furnishing. You need to have a lot of maintenance for metal furniture. The cold look of metal can be disguised through silk throws, rugs and cushions. It can be improved by using lively colors. The color of the wall should be right.Another option for a tight budget is cane and the cost depends on whether it is imported or Indian cane. A cane coffee table with colorful durries, ethnic paintings and jute blinds will give an ethnic effect. You can make the cane look costly with the use of soft furnishing. Arresting colors such as shocking pink or a mix of gold, blue and pink can be used.


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