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Ownership over the immovable property won't be given by mere execution of the sale deed in favor of the client.There square measure several different formalities needed to be completed when the acquisition. Such post registration formalities, succeeding the registration of the sale deed has been mentioned below:

1. Obtain original documents of title from the vendor so as to match and ensure an equivalent with the copies and also the same must be scrutinized by the purchaser's Advocate. When thorough scrutiny by the advocate and if more original documents are necessary, it's recommended to confirm the assembly of such documents in originals solely.If you're availing housing finance, then you've got to use for the certified copy of your sale deed within the involved territorial Sub-Registrar workplace.

2. Apply for the most recent and updated encumbrance certificate within the involved Sub-Registrar workplace. It’s also necessary to verify whether or not such Encumbrance certificate reflects the execution of sale deed in favor of the client in conjunction with the small print relating to the date, number and conjointly the name of the parties to the deed.

3. Possession of property is very necessary.The vendor ought to fork out the vacant possession of the property to the client.So as to confirm that the vendor is in possession of the property, the client ought to examine the property each day before the registration.If the vendor is in physical possession of the property then returning the vacant possession of an equivalent is incredibly straightforward. 

On the opposite hand, if the property is in occupation of the tenants, it's important to confirm that the tenant’s square measure vacated before registration.However, the very fact that the vendor is in physical or ownership, must be clearly incorporated within the sale agreement. As per the terms of sale agreement, the client ought to receive all the keys of the property at the time of registration. If doable, main door lock are often replaced with the new lock. Just in case the property sent to the purchaser could be a vacant website, it's necessary to place display panel with the wordings“This property is in hand by ‘X’ trespassers are going to be prosecuted”.Further, fencing around such sites or constructing compound wall, tho' expensive, is desirable. Periodical visits to the positioning also are recommended so as to sight encroachment over the site, if any.

Consent Letter
The client ought to verify that each one the taxes, statutory payments in respect of the property together with power, water charges square measure paid up-to-date by the vendor. Further, the purchaser should collect all the receipts for the statutory payments and may conjointly verify at the involved offices, whether or not there square measure any arrears are there or not. Power and water system agencies collect deposits from the customers before providing services. So as to transfer such deposit within the name of the client, consent letter from the seller must be obtained from the seller. 

Registration of Khatha:
Khatha Certificate and Khatha Extract are one among the obligatory and necessary documents to prove this possession of the client over the property when execution of the sale deed. Client should make sure that the Khatha within the records of the native bodies, gram Panchayath or the town corporation is transferred to his name. 

Both the vendor and client have to be compelled to sign the appliance for transfer of Khatha, that is better if done at the same time whereas language the sale deed so as to avoid any future disputes. Application for Transfer of Khatha must be punctually crammed in conjunction with copy of the sale deed enclosed and also the same must be submitted before the involved authority and to get acknowledgement thereto impact. just in case of the property falling inside the boundaries of BMP, then applications for Khatha transfer could also be filed in any of the subject service centers or any of the 30 revenue offices in conjunction with the documents mentioned in Sarala Khatha scheme Book.Documents needed to be created includes Mother Deed, sale deed, National Savings Certificate of Rs.200, sketch showing the positioning details and Betterment charges paid receipt.If the Khatha must be transferred within the name of 1 of the co-owners, then No Objection legal instrument declaring that they are doing not have any objection for transfer of khatha within the name of the mortal, punctually sworn before the official by the remaining co-owners, must be submitted along with the appliance for transfer of khatha and different needed documents.

Sarala Khatha scheme Book, introduced by BMP, provides all the small print concerning the services of the Revenue Department, documents to be filed, fees needed to be paid, operating hours and conjointly rates for assessment of land tax underneath the Self-Assessment scheme.

For transfer of Khatha within the name of the client, transfer fee are going to be collected and later written confirmation of such transfer endorsement are going to be issued within the name of the client. Throughout the method of transferring Khatha, the property is once more re-assessed on the idea of revised property taxes, if any, so issue assessment notice within the name of the client. It’s important that the tax paid receipt ought to be within the name of the new/present owner.

Khatha Extract:
After issue Khatha Endorsement, we've to use for computerized Khatha Certificate and Khatha Extract. Khatha Extract reflects the name of this Owner, assessment details, sital space and designed up space. 

CMC Khatha:
If the property has falling underneath the CMC jurisdiction, Khatha Endorsement is issued within the name of this Owner. Town Municipal Councils (CMC) was issue type No.19, CMC Khatha within the name of this Owner. Now-a-days type No.III Khatha is being issued to the properties falling inside the boundaries of CMC since issue of type No.19 has been stopped from 29/05/2003.

The properties falling inside the limits of Village Panchayath, Form No.9 and ten is issued within the name of this Owner that refers to Assessment Order and Assessment Extract.

Transfer of Electricity offer
After the Municipal authorities transfer the Khatha within the name of the owner, meter and meter put in square measure needed to be transferred in their name.You’ve got to submit the required application along with the deposit transfer letter issued by the previous owner.When completion of all the formalities, water and electricity authority can change this owner name in their records. The authorities can issue written confirmation of transfer and lift the bills within the name of this owner.This may facilitate the owner to verify and check up their electricity and water bills to be raised in future.Annual land tax and periodical Encumbrance Certificate must be often obtained a minimum of once a year.

After completion of all the post registration formalities, absolute title, right over the property are going to be given to the client thereby enabling the client to relish the peaceful and uninterrupted possession of the property.


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