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The science of construction is very old. This ancient science of India is known as Vaastu Shilpa Shastra,which deals with harmonius co-existence with nature and also for physical emotional spiritual needs of human beings. There are many who vouch for improvements in wealth and health once certain structural change as per vaastu was made in homes.There are also people who ridicule this, but once the circulation of air and light is improved with resultant improvement in health, naturally the wealth would improve.

Vaastu is a very old science of construction dating back to the days of Vedas. It is a part of Atharvana Veda and considered as Upaveda or minor veda. What distinguishes Vaastu from other science of construction is its familiarity with metaphysical energies, positive and negative energies.Vaastu prescribes certain procedures so that energy fields are not distorted. 

Fundamental principles of construction in Vaastu
-Vaastu, the science of utilizing natural resources without confronting them has laid certain basic principles for construction

-Whatever may be the type of construction, the vacant spaces in east and north should be more than that of West and South. 

-Heavier, hefty structures and fixtures must be in southwestern, Southern or Western part of the site. 

-The Southwest part should be comparatively elevated. 

-The main door, and exit points should be located in strong positions, such as eastern, northern northeast, southern southeast or western northwest; which are auspicious.

-Wells, borewells, sumptanks, depressions etc., must be in the eastern or northern north east of the site. Care should be taken to ensure that they are not located in a diagonal line extending from northeastern end of the building to northeastern comer of the site. 

-Avoid pits, depressions in southern or western part of the plot.

-Flow of rain/drainage, sewage water must flow out of the site either from northern northeast or eastern northeast, or central east or Central north.

Please also note some popular sayings, which are recognized by Vaastu.
-Extending eastern southeast is inviting mishaps.

-Closing, covering eastern southeast is sacrificing happiness. 

-Do not weaken, the northeast, which may affect the lineage.

-Covering the north east is like a noose around neck.

Certain times,the construction of outhouses becomes necessary to remedy the ill effects of Vaastu.In case of sites, which extends from north to south and if house is constructed in the northern portion, thus leaving the southern portion vacant it would be important to construct outhouse in southwest to avoid evil effects. The floor of such outhouses must be elevated, than that of main house and should not have entrance, exit in Western or Southern parts.

In case of site extending from west to east, where the main house is constructed: in eastern part; the western portion remains vacant.Then the construction of an outhouse in the southwest is necessary.The floor levels of such an outhouse should elevated and avoid entrance in south.Generally outhouses should be avoided, on eastern or northern part abutting compound, but may be constructed on abutting western or southern compound.


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