Tuesday, 21 July 2015


The Karnataka State Government announced in the legislature session during January, 2014 that suggestions will be invited from the stakeholders, non-governmental organizations, and the general public to introduce Mono Rail System in Bangalore. The facility as a feeder service is to see that commuters staying in far off areas will be able to reach metro stations, and continue their journey to their destinations. The Government is considering public- private partnership model for taking up the project. 

A few organizations interested in the project made presentations before the Chief minister who is keen to introduce this infrastructure facility. The proposal of Mono Rail is pending since the year 2005 without any action by the Government. For comfortable living and working, one of the important infrastructure essential is an efficient Rapid Rail Transit System in a large city like Bangalore with about ten million population. Bus transportation system will not be able to meet the heavy demand of commuters. Always there will be acute traffic congestion on roads, with about 300 traffic signals and 700 manned intersections, bad conditions of roads which are full of pot holes,pedestrian crossings, unscientific road humps etc. 

After delay of two to three decades to decide on the type of rapid transit system suitable for Bangalore, it was decided to take up Metro Rail, which is of high capacity compared to Mono Rail. Metro Rail System was taken up only on two corridors namely; East-west Corridor and North-South Corridor which intersect at Majestic area. 

The two metro Rail corridors do not cover all the localities of the City and as the First Stage itself is badly delayed , proposals were invited to provide a Mono Rail System as complementary service on corridors where Metro Rail service is not covered and as feeder service to Metro corridors. Metro Rail project was taken up by the public sector with a large investment of about Rs.11,609cr. The project cost in the present situation will be about Rs. 13,845 cr. 

Phase II of the Metro Rail Project was approved by the Government of India in its cabinet meeting held on 30-1-2014. The cost of the project is estimated to be Rs. 26,405.14 cr. It will take more than five years to complete and will not be ready before the year 2020. This opinion is based on the performance in the progress of Phase I Metro Rail Project so far. The citizens will have to bear the hazards of serious traffic congestion, road accident risk, dust, road diversions, one ways, due to Metro Rail work, etc till the Metro Rail and Mono Rail net works are completed i.e., upto year 2020. 

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