Monday, 6 July 2015


Promoting greenery and creating an awareness of it seems to be the motto of the BBMP’s forest cell these days. In keeping with it, a host of projects have been lined up.

Earlier, if anyone was willing to adopt a tree and look after it, the rights of ownership will be given to them in the form of a tree patta (ownership letter) for Rs.10 with a bonus as well. If the tree has any flowers or fruits, he/she will have a right to enjoy them. This is introduced to impart a sense of ownership in people, who should safeguard the tree from being cut or harmed.

The Forest Department gives ownership rights to Farmers, who live close to the forest and this has given the idea for this scheme. When the tree becomes old and is felled, 75% of the profit will go to the patta bearer.

Earlier, an urban forestry information centre was scheduled to be set up with facilities such as; a high-tech multi-media centre and multipurpose hall and Ayurveda outlets also to be opened in large parks to give a boost to traditional medicinal plants.

It was established as a pilot project and there was a hall for conducting seminars and workshops to enhance forests, trees, lakes and wildlife. Talks were delivered by well-known Environmentalists on the topic of protecting forests and the bad effects of pollution and global warming.

The Centre had hosted exhibitions of photographs on rare tree species, vital statistics and medicinal plants. Training sessions were held to which the members of Resident Welfare Associations, NGO members and students were invited. The campaign for promotion of trees that are flowering, shade-giving and fruit-bearing will go on.

One park in each of the eight zones had an Ayurvedic outlet to give an impetus to plants with medicinal value and Ayurvedic juices was sold to people going for morning walks and jogging. Seedlings at nominal prices will be sold to the Public. The scheme was expanded to all zones on the basis of a pilot project.

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