Tuesday, 28 July 2015



Sometimes you need to get away from it all to a weekend retreat where you can relax and have a pleasant, restful time. What better way than to have a farmhouse where you can have a change from the busy city life. How can you make the farm house more appealing? It should be different in some way and should give you a whiff of the outdoors combined with the comfort of the indoors. Wood and stone are two elements that have multiple creative uses in embellishing your place.

Cladding of stone, terracotta or bricks in the foyer, lobby or dining room will make even the dullest of places to become attractive. A warm and inviting stone cladding for the fire place is a good idea. Exposed bricks in the wall add a rustic ambience to the home. If you want a reminder of the Mediterranean, you can have a title mosaic embedded in a wall. More stone will look good in patios, staircases and columns. A backdrop of luxurious furnishings and furniture will complete the picture. The use of wood will definitely add charm, whether in the cladding or in rafters. Wooden beams and columns with cladding are ideal to give a countryside atmosphere.

Windows are another feature that will increase the beauty by bringing in a view of the natural surroundings. You can have all types of them, whether large ones with fan lights, picture windows or bay windows they will fill the house with sunlight. If you have a courtyard, you can have French windows with doors opening into it. For a sloping roof, dormer windows are best. It gives the house a happy, healthy air.

Since you are there to have a leisurely time, pick comfortable furniture like large loungers and oversized couches. A long dining table to while away the hours in conversation over meals would be good. The theme of the farmhouse has to be carefully chosen, whether it is a haveli theme which requires colonial or Rajasthani style of furniture, or a western rustic theme with a log highlight. You must get furnishings that go with the theme. Bright coloured ones for the western theme against a neutral background are best. Include options for storage.

You can make the farmhouse an ideal place that fits your dreams. With romantic features like big balconies, a fish pond, bright skylights, a sun room, a meditation room, a spa with a whirlpool tub or a lookout tower, you can really let yourself go. A well-equipped kitchen is also essential. In all, the farmhouse should be the perfect place to rest and have a thrilling time simultaneously.

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