Saturday, 11 July 2015


At times, both the container and its contents would largely be elegant and enchanting. Bowls and Vases display such a trait. They add gracefulness and spread a delicate charm to the interiors, enlivening the whole atmosphere inside the home. If some attractive and exceptionally beautiful centerpieces are available or if one wants to place the favourite flowers, then Vases and Bowls are perfect elements for them. They are available in a variety of materials like glass crystal, terracotta, wood, porcelain, brass, copper, silver, and stone. Some of them do not require any maintenance. But others like silver require care and attention to keep them in original and natural sheen.

Bowls are available in any shape and size, so as to suit the need. They are small, round, oval and square. As decor elements these crystal, glass, silver or porcelain bowls just by virtue of being themselves are capable of creating an elegant centerpiece, but to enhance the table, things like fruits, coloured stones, aroma candles flowers etc., could be placed in them. For a beautiful arrangement of fruits on the dining table, fruit bowl in glass, crystal or even steel can be used.

At south Indian homes nowadays we find an ethnic and popular arrangement of floating flowers placed in large brass bowls and 'Urulis'. These are placed on the floor usually at the entrance of a home or the living room.

If the home has low tables around, then choosing shallow bowls will be a better option or even improvising with soup bowls and coffee cups will be attractive. Nowadays the modern rage is the ceramic bowls which are handcrafted and handmade. They are also ideal in adding a dash of ethnicity to the home.


Nature spreads a riot of colours during the summer time through the profusion of colourful flowers. Some of these flowers when brought in, carry with them the sunshine and freshness into one's residence. Fresh flowers from wherever the sources, whether bought from florist or just picked as a bunch from the garden, they actually liven up any room.

But the process of selection is the most important aspect in the floral arrangement. The right Vase has to be chosen for the right flower. Then a visual treat can be created. Flower Vases are available in variety of shapes – tall, short, round, square, narrow, wide etc. Most common variety available these days are Vases shaped like urns and any kind of flower can be placed in such Vases. The bud vases allows only a few long stems to be placed. These Vases conveniently hold only certain varieties of flowers.

Orchids, lilies, grasses and other exotic flowers look splendid when placed in straight and narrow Vases. If a single flower of vivid colour is placed it will produce dramatic effect.

A group of Vases can be clustered together and the Vases could be either of the same height or staggered. When placed against a plain wall this arrangement creates an extraordinary visual impression. If short and stout Vases are preferred then creating a round floral arrangement using flowers like begonias will be most suitable. But, it is important to keep the size of the Vases and the size of the flowers in proportion. The rule of thumb to follow is to keep the flowers two thirds taller than the Vases.

The Vases which are hand crafted with designs that are meant to be displayed, are quite artistic and add character to the room. The best area to place them is on the floor in corners and places that need highlighting. Grouping together a few of them will create an impressively grand visual effect.

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