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Space Management - Better use of space

 Space Management - Better use of space
If one wants to give a spacious appearance to their apartment, they also find space for storage. Here are some handy ideas for doing it.
When one goes for shopping furniture then they should be one step ahead in their thinking. A chest of drawers can provide more storage room than a side table and at the same time it doesn’t have to be too large. A beautiful glass-topped table may look good but a coffee table with drawers may be used to hide things. An open and spacious appeal to their living room can be imparted by utilising furniture that serves a dual purpose.
An example of that is by choosing a bench which has a hinged lid for the end of a bed or beneath a window. The space inside may be useful to store sheets, blankets, extra towels, out-of-season clothes and toys. The centre table could be a piece with a hidden storage space for putting away magazines, newspapers and other miscellaneous household items.
Another area that can be cleverly put to use is the space under the staircase where one can build large shelves and get lots of extra space. A set of open shelf spaces can be created on a blank wall and these will have aesthetic as well as practical storage value. They can add some cheer to the room and will not intrude on space. Most things in their room are unlikely to measure more than 5 feet. So, they should make shelves 12 to 18 inches below the ceiling for displaying decorative objects, plants hats or photos. Ready made shelves with mounting brackets can be found in any building supply store. In addition, one can put up a structured wall unit or entertainment centre for housing books, electronic equipment and space for decorative arrangements.
One can make a home library with shelves extending from the floor to the ceiling and this bookshelf can act as a room divider rather than having a wall. A knee-hole desk with drawers can be used for files and office items instead of having the usual open writing desk. These ideas give plenty of storage room and do not intrude into the living area.
Imagine how much space there is beneath a queen or king-sized bed. One can raise it higher by providing taller legs. In order to have a dust-free environment without clutter, built in wardrobes that extend from the floor to the ceiling are perfect. One can made pull-out drawers under their bed for storing linen. An unobtrusive bedside table can be made by using wall space for a table that can be suspended. The headboard can be lengthened on both sides to use as a bedside table along with a lamp.
In the bathroom it is best to store things which are not decorative in a way that they will be hidden. They could enclose shelves and cupboards behind doors. Bars for towels may be fixed on the wall or can be hung on hooks installed behind the bathroom door. One could fix short narrow shelves both above and below the washbasin. Various accessories can be stored there.
All the available space on the walls and corners must be used up in the kitchen. Hooks over the cooking range can be used to hang big utensils that do not fit into drawers. A pull-out tray at the bottom of the cabinet can be used for smaller things. A low cutlery stand may be used as a counter table, chopping board and preparation counter. For this, it only needs to be fitted with a rubber wedge top. When one have to entertain Guests a tray rack on wheels is ideal. In short a little ingenuity will go a long way in giving a spacious home with plenty of storage space.

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